Random things about me, December 2010 1. I wrote the date above because this list could change in a month, a week, even a day. 2. I LOVE Christmas lights. 3. My home is a 2 story cottage apartment built in the 30s. It's quaint but drafty. 4. My dog is my best friend (I can't imagine this changing). 5. We walk A LOT. 6. The color gray is only nice on a sweater or coat. 7. I own an on-line vintage boutique. 8. I love research and sometimes search for information on other people's items just for the fun of it. 9. I like puzzles and mysteries. I would have been a great detective. Seriously. 10. There is more coffee than blood in my body, surely. 11. I didn't discover pink until my late-30s--the color, not the singer. 12. I love pastries. I don't own a scale. (see #5) 13. I'm a night owl. 14. I sometimes tango. Seriously, not a metaphor. 15. I once met Nixon. 16. I once lived in my jeep for 7 months. I was 35. 17. I once lived in my tent at 9,000 feet, no electricity or plumbing, for 3 months. 18. I have played WITH a pack of wolves. 19. I don't really like to cook, but I like to bake, so I can lick the spoon. 20. I can be very shy and also very gregarious.

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