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Do you ever get into the middle of a project and find yourself not certain about what you are even doing?

I’ve been working/creating an odd assortment of “art” lately, not to even get into the mental stuff I’m toying around with (my mind looks like my garage–cob webs, art projects, boxes, storage; it needs sweeping, rearranging, prioritizing, maybe even a new light bulb.)

I’ve got the Green Desk Project, which suddenly got daunting instead of fun. Then I found my old Olympia DeLuxe typewriter (a birthday gift from an ex.) I’ve been hauling the weighty thing around for years and once in a while I like to get it out and bang on the keys. Wham, wham, wham, DING! It’s awesome, but bruttle on the finger tips. How were our pinkies ever strong enough to hit the outer keys? Ouch.

 So, with the DeLuxe I started writing these naughty little alphabet cards. They’ve been kind of fun to write over coffee. I needed something very affordable in my shop and I thought little fun cards would be perfect. But as with everything it’s gotten complicated too. How do I show them? Will someone just steal the wording? Copyrighting? Do I show just a taste? Is that enticing or annoying? Should I make them bigger like Birthday cards, smaller like ACEOs? In other words, I’m having trouble fitting into the Etsy box-which seems crazy, because Etsy has a plethora of crazy art stuff for sale, but it’s all about–ONCE AGAIN!–getting found. Sigh.

If you type in paper<cards you get a few thousand hits and most of them are high end pro-printed, high-graphic design (In Design, my thorn) cards. WHY would anyone want to buy my silly little naught ditty cards, hand typed on recycled paper (retorical question). It’s like trying to set up a lemonade stand next to a Jamba Juice. It’s just silly. And yet I keep making them.

Very time consuming, of course. And I’m still confused about how to post them. And right now I have A, B and D. Nobody wants to buy A, B, D. Where the hell is C?! Well, C got stuck, because it was a REALLY naughty word (yea, that one) and I actually typed it on a card. (My mother will fAiNt in HORROR–I can feel the shame running down my neck already.)

Anyway, C is not completed, but it was just like me to be impatient, go ahead and post A, B & D. I’ve skipped all over the alphabet, because like the Green Desk Project a direct line/look is just WAY to daunting for me. As my dad once told me, just creep around in the back door where no one is looking (he was talking about me getting into college, and believe it or not, it worked) and that includes my brain. I do better sneaking up on an art project, backing into it, whistling my way around it, then bumping into it on accident. this is also my best approach when dealing with just about anything.


Okay, back to it. C is for. . . don’t say it. 😉


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So, in honor of the holiday. . . I went shopping. Not to be rude, but that really seems to be what people do in this city–shop. I’ve never seen more sq. mall-footage than here. It’s mostly sad, but that’s the way it is.

I thought yarn would cheer me up (still feeling blue about my Etsy shop), but I got overwhelmed. Colors, textures, wool, cashmere, fuzzy, smooth. I wanted to dive in and take it all. But I’m living on the “can’t buy too much until I sell something” mantra. Still,  if I don’t have a nice variety to sell. . . .

Yarn (like any other kinesthetic medium) needs to be rotated. I’ve crocheted fuchsia wool felting yarn into the ground. Time for a new texture, color, style. Plus, I need to work on my new line of Harlequin frames. I’ve got lots to do, and yet I’m slacking or, maybe, distracted. It’s hard to tell. 

But back to yarn and art supplies. I’m a wee girl in a candy store. I want to touch, work, mold, spin, sew, cut, stitch, paint, create with everything. One medium will never do. I want to play with it all. So, I’ll make a pile of button bracelets, bobbles and beads everywhere, then move on to yarn, make a couple dozen scarves, arm warmers, scarflettes, then pick up collaging. It’s all very random and subject to sleep, mood, temperature, food, coffee and weather. Crocheting is tops for winter creative flow. It keeps my fingers busy (I was a terribly fidgety child and that hasn’t changed much in however many years) and I can stitch and watch CSI while Zephyr uses me as a lap blanket; yarn and hook in one hand, English tea and romote in the other. No table required. 😉

Well, it’s been a very chilly rainy day. I need tea and a hot bath. Home–there’s no place better.

P.S. I did buy yarn, 5 or 6 skeins. Some for felting, some for man wear–urban scarves, mod-ware, metro-sexual pizazz. I haven’t decided what to call it, but men need accessories too–even when they don’t know it. 😉


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