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Zephyr is always hot. He hates being in the house, lounges on the cold cement outdoors, in the garage, in the dirt. The first sign of cold weather and he’s begging to get in the jeep. He can sit there for hours. It’s officially Fall.

How could I not love this guy?

d, xo

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70 degrees in February. Out walking Zephyr in the neighborhood, this is what I saw:

1. Gardeners trimming, racking, digging, planting.

2. Neighbors out  chatting on street corners.

3. Skirts, shorts, lots of white legs.

4. Kids swinging in the playground.

5. Dogs walking their owners everywhere.

6. Camellias blooming; pick your color!

7. Grass covered in daisies.

8. A couple, stripped down to skivvies, napping on a picnic blanket.

9. Two separate women with their dogs lounging on blankets, reading books.

10. A woman on a park bench, her face held up to the sun, her pant legs rolled up to her knees.

11. Basketball game, tennis games, thwack of balls and cheering.

12. Big blue sky. 🙂

d, xo

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Spring is a peculiar concept in California. We get it in fits and starts from January onward. Some days it’s delightful, others feel like summer will overtake us in a hot flash. I peel down to my skivvies, turn on the fan,  just to turn around and grab a sweater for the chill.

Still, fruit trees and flower bulbs fall for the first hint of spring every year. They push towards the sun, burst from their coddled branches and bloom just before Valentine’s day. They don’t know more storms are brewing up north. They go ahead and do it anyway, bloom!

Maybe, this is good advice. Whatever it is that makes you bloom, do it now. The possible future be damned.

d, xo

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People in California tend to take fruit for granted & we really shouldn’t. Eatable fruit grows everywhere–mostly in our own backyards. There are surely thousands of orange, grapefruit & lemon trees right here in Sacramento.

 Please, If you own a fruit tree, don’t let the fruit hang there and rot; box it up and donate it  to a shelter or nearby school. Share them with your neighbors. Put a big box of oranges on your sidewalk with a sign: FREE Oranges. Merry Christmas! Bag up lemons, pass them around at the office. Everyone uses lemons in tea, juice, on pasta, on salads, in lemon tarts! 

The point is to share and not waste. We are blessed to have so much fruit. Let’s spread it around.

Thank you, d. xo

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We’ve  been deep in hazy gray fog for nearly 5 days. This is California; we need a certain amount of sun to survive. I don’t care how cold it gets, but gray, unless knitted into a sweater, is not my color. 

Zephyr and I have walked past this little red mitten, hanging on a tree, for nearly as long as the weather has been gloomy.  It’s like Rudolph’s red nose, a bright red beacon in the fog.


 Sun! Send us sun!

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Early planting has brought a bounty to the salad mix. The spinach took off like gangbusters this week and the onions are taking over the lettuce. Onion soup? I can’t wait to eat my first spinach salad from my own garden. And although it is a week from April, tomatoes are already in at the nursery. California does have it’s advantages.



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Hello, Just checking in. Letting you all know I’m still here. DahliaFound has been picking up business and I’m so happy. So I’ve been shopping and trying to get more posted. It never ends.

Meanwhile, amidst the world havoc I thought I’d take a minute today to appreciate my flowers. I’ve been gardening now for a year and a half at the cafe. That’s a lot of coffee trade. 😉 but the cafe is looking nice. My plants are happier with the temperature dipping. Soon, Autumn will produce a second spring, that only California gets. Let the flowers bloom!

Outside the Cafe

Outside the Cafe

One of 5 flower pots--Chinese Lanterns and Marigolds

One of 5 flower pots--Chinese Lanterns and Marigolds

Time for tea. Have a nice weekend, d.

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