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A quiet moment in the coffee garden.

Zephyr awaiting a crumb to drop on his nose.

Latte, all gone. 🙂


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It’s Sunday, and the first of day-light-savings-time–which I hate. Nothing like messing with one’s internal time clock to make the whole country grouchy. So, I’m in my pjs at–oh, let’s just not say.

Everyone on Twitter was showing off their delectable brunches, so  I went downstairs and made my own.

You can never go wrong w/fresh brewed coffee and lemon crepes with powdered sugar. My favorite.

d, xo

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Coffee, waffles, chilly bare feet. Small joys.

d xo

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My new coffee hideout. You could get lost in this crazy place, half coffee house, half clutter, gardening pots, random scary wall art, but tons of plants, a golden gravel patio, enclosed with lots of umbrellas. AND I can bring Zephyr with me. 🙂

Under a huge overhang, a couch set. There’s usually a guy reading and smoking a cigar here. One day he was asleep.

Patio shots. Doesn’t feel like Sacramento here.

Pink Gernaniums, yellow sunflowers grow next to a table.

My favorite table next to the water fountain. Sigh.

I think I need more coffee. 🙂

d xxoo

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I love my new coffee mugs. And that is a very rare statement. But they were so festive and SO afordable. I grabbed them like they were made of chocolate.

Were did I get them? Goodwill; Trish Richman, $1.49 each, brand new.

That’s more than I pay for a cup of coffee when I go out. Let’s not calculate that one. I might  faint. 🙂

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A quiet, lazy day on the couch watching TCM, sipping a cafe au lait in my favorite cup & playing with the camera. 🙂

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The sun came out yesterday, but it was breezy, chilly and the most spectacular clouds joined in. It was the perfect weather day.
First, Zephyr & I walked to the cafe for coffee. We stopped to visit Shadow’s tree. It’s getting big; spring buds are showing. The cafe garden is showing signs of spring too. The yarrow & rosemary are  blossoming. Good time to make rosemary bread.  Reminds me of home.
top-of-shadows-tree-clouds1cafe-garden1coffee & paper 

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