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It’s such a  Monday today. Usually I like Mondays; I really do. Quiet returns as all working folk head back to their offices, but today I am beat. Apparently my old life (late-night reading or weekend Milongas [tango dances], sleeping in late) no longer agrees with my knew self-employed working life–the one where i spend my days crocheting, buying, shooting photos, e-mailing, posting, etc, etc, etc. It sounds easy enough, but the work day never really ends. It just keeps on going, like the Energizer Bunny, until I drop.

I thought my social life really needed attending to so I went to a Milonga Sat. night. I lasted 1.5 hours. And the party was really just beginning as I snuck out the door. It made me terribly sad. It really did. I was blue all day Sun.  Other people have an amazing capacity for 50 hour work weeks then burning the midnight oil on Sat. I honestly don’t know how they do it. I fear I am missing an energy gene, low genetic batteries. 

And worse, they all look so happy, playful, woo-hoo! We are partying now!  (these are not young 20-something folk either. Not even 30-something, most of them) So what is it? WHaT is IT?


Meanwhile, I’ve been busy with my Etsy shops. Business is picking up. Two special orders for crocheted items which is surprising considering it’s nearing summer. Well, it is here. The order was from Norway. Anyone know what it’s doing in Norway? Not me.

So, this was my check in. Not very glamorous, but there it is. I’ll leave you with this: Me sipping tea in my latest wrist warmers on a cloudy day last week. They are rather long with knots curving around the arm. I’ve named them “Camelot.”

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Winter has returned and I’m deliriously pleased. Wrapped in sweater and scarf, it’s chilly enough for a hat too.

I mailed the scarflette all the way to New Jersey in a recycled tea box. The fit was perfect. I can see all the wonderful boxes I discard (recycle) on a regular basis. Toothpaste box: fabulous for jewelery and water resistant. Cereal box: a scarf and wrist warmers. So much better than buying boxes. Then hopefully they will get recycled on the other side.

I’m still incredibly spaced out, but sounding better. I have little appetite, except for tea and toast. Still, the house is bare, so  I’m off for soup. It’s so much better when someone else makes it.

P.S. Watched more episodes of Mythbusters. They must be having a marathon. I’m addicted. I’ve learned: You can neutralize a light case of poison oak by pouring vodka over it; you most likely will not die if hit by a bullet shot at a 90 degree angle then falling back to earth (although do you really want to test this theory on your own? see Darwin Awards); and it is potentially dangerous to paint your entire body in gold paint.

I am now appropriately armed for a cocktail party.


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I walked up to a stranger today and asked him if he wouldn’t mind trying on the scarf I just finished crocheting. It’s for my new men’s line. Men seem under-utilized in the accessories dept. The scarf is great, a dark chocolate with specks of avocado, orange, a buttery yellow, a lighter mocha. It looks eatable. However, after this young gent–rather mod: tweed blazer, short tousled hair, angular black glasses–wrapped it about his neck, we both declared it too short. (Actually, it looked perfect as a short once-around with a button. But he looked distressed by it’s lack of length, rather like he would not have known what to do w/the button. Programed only to wrap a scarf around and tie it off. The buttoning might require a woman’s asst. or a stylish man who knows accessories. The Urban man–capital U.

I never asked the lad’s  name–he was dining w/two young women. I felt rather embarrassed asking, but he just looked so perfect. He matched my scarf! If I’d had a camera I would have brazenly asked him to model it, which is saying something because I was feeling very shy today.

I’m disappointed that the scarf may be too short. I hooked it last night, then added this great little mocha stitched pocket on the end. My “Love Letter” series for Urban Men. Hide a love letter in the pocket. Valentines for your man.

* * *

I have an Etsy Valentine’s Showcase on February 9th. A big selling opportunity. So I’m preparing. New festive wrist warmers, scarflettes w/Vintage buttons–and others made by H!  Beautiful cherry wood buttons. So lovely. (The chocolate chip cookies were a thank you for H–remember the ones Zephyr ate? (See 1/19 post. Sigh.)

So, it’s pouring outside, good day to make more cookies–for dad, who never got his and a longer scarf in the remaining mocha. (I see another yarn trip. . . oh my.)


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Good Sunday morning–though it’s nearing noon. Morning is a very foggy area. Morning is whenever I don the tangible world, whenever that is.

I come from a family of staunch morning people–all of the living anyway. My granny was a night owl, like me. She read historical romance novels at night when it was quiet. Everyone else comes from Puritan stock of some sort. The clash of romance and reality. 

 Reality is very jagged and bright. I prefer a dreamier medium, a little softer around the edges. But I haven’t had my coffee yet. If we have this conversation again later, I may have a different story.

Meanwhile, I crocheted two lovely scarflettes last night. One in ivory with a dark gray striped tie in soft wool. (I do love the smell of wool–even wet wool–memoires of wool blankets, snow boots and wet mittens drying on the radiator, wet dogs curled up by the fireplace. Sigh.)

The other scarflette is yesterday’s photo reversed. Avocado w/pumpkin stripe. Very nice.

Today I have to re-tackle the felt cuffs. Will let you know how it goes. Now: shower, bundle warm, Zephyr and I to coffee. Oh! Did I mention that R made me French toast yesterday? He only makes it when I plead. What a doll. Must find new flowers for his sidewalk, purple petunias would be nice. I’ll add that to today’s list.

Bye, d.

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It is drizzling today, the near cousin of fog. I don’t know how people survive in England or Seattle. (No offense. I like those places. I love Seattle, would move there in a heartbeat, except for the drizzle.) I was born for sunny weather, I’m afraid . . . but then not too sunny. Not Los Angeles sunny. I like seasons. And being winter and not snow country, drizzle is what we are having today, so be it.

 And if it weren’t for winter, in any form, I wouldn’t need for scarves and I love them, so hush to me. I made a very Springy little-girl scarf last night. The color says simply Kaleidescope–a swirl of lemon yellow and pastel green. It’s a narrow 3-ply acrylic, nothing fancy, as children are apt to drag scarves along the ground, through the dirt. Mom doesn’t have time for hand wash. Just toss it in the washing with socks and such. Then I made little crochet flowers that hang along the ends instead of fringe. I’d show you, but I’m w/o camera at the moment.

Every time I move to buy a camera, something else swoops in on the funds. This time–as often–it was my jeep, something with the clutch. The mechanic detailed it out for me, but all I heard was the price. Sigh.

And yet, I will not be deterred from tramping out and buying yarn today. I can’t not have yarn. (yes, a double negative. I am w/o coffee too. One really shouldn’t write w/o coffee…)

 All right, shower, coffee, yarn, library. Back later, d.

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