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Shooting photos on a windy day. 🙂

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Forty minutes to midnight, exactly one year after I started selling from my first Etsy shop, Dahlila, I just made my 100th sale on Dahlila Found.

Now that is a new year’s day! d.

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I’ve been away so long WordPress has revamped the site again.

My Etsies are neck and neck. I sold a nice pair of men’s wine colored wingtips to a suave guy in Germany on Dahlila Found, and my new Etsy friend up in Canada bought a really lovely amber button bracelet off Dahlila.  That’s what I call a good Monday.

* * *

Over the weekend, I rose early enough to go yard saling. I was just in that great thrifting mood too. You know–good coffee in hand, a big messy raspberry muffin, driving w/your knee, while looking for yard sale signs. It’s like treasure hunting for adults. And I really scored. I got a slew of books, the contents of some old tackle boxes–rusty fish hooks galore, feathers for tieing lures, weights, old fishing pouches, but the pieces that really got me were the records.

An old Boomer couple: long grey haired guy w/a mustache, she with a wing sleeved blouse, ala Stevie Nicks, were selling their ENTIRE record collection. The Rat Pack: tons of Sinatra; 60s, 70’s gold mine: Grand Funk Rail Road, The Byrds, Dylan, Young, Buffalo Springfield, Joplin. I wanted all 5 boxes. They were a quarter each! I don’t own a record player. I didn’t care. I bought 9 records. I want more.

You see, I was a 60’s child, but really I missed it. I was too young. I was just barely old enough in the 70s, but we didn’t know then history was being made. We were just hanging out, watching boys, living in the mountains. Our music was The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Boston, Creadance (which I do love), Kansas, The Doobies and, yes, Journey.

There’s this great scene in the movie “Almost Famous” when Anita leaves her young brother William behind w/their overprotective mother. She looks William straight in the eyes and tells him,  “One day you’ll be cool. Look under your bed. It will set you free.” Under the bed is her whole record stash: The Who, Yes, Dylan, Bowie, Zepplin. . . . That’s how I felt on Sunday. And even today I’m sitting here looking at all this great music I can’t listen to. I could go buy Janis on CD at Target or Walmart or Amazon, but it just feels wrong.  

I’ll leave you with these beauties, which if I can rip them from my fingers, I’ll be selling on DahlilaFound. (See, even I’m a sell out. )

LOVEJanisGrand Funk RailroadJerry LIve

If you happen to have a record player still, go play something rocking for yourself. Maybe, if I open my window real wide I’ll hear it too.

later, d.

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Goodmorning all,

I’ve been neglectful of writing this week. I do apologize. I’ve been trying to move in to Dahlila Found and finish a satiny blue man tie before Easter.

Moving in is time consuming! Photos, descriptions, positing. I get hung up on descriptions, especially with buttons. Yesterday I was posting Bohemian white glass buttons. Suddenly, I’m deep in the Britannica researching glass buttons, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, WWII. Now, I’ve got pages on glass buttons I’m selling for $10. Curiosity can be terribly distracting.

Last year I researched a non-profit for an article I was writing. The subject was huge, freaky, so Charles Manson-like, future Kool Aid drinkers of America, I got obsessed with pinning this NPO, instead of actually writing the article. My wall looked like the set of “Without A Trace”, papers stuck everywhere. I was up at 2a.m. calling Denmark trial lawyers. I was a little absorbed (*blush*).

In the end my editor canned the article. What a putz! (freelance writing: lots of fun.) Luckily, I know a British guy who is more obsessed than I was–notice, past tense. I should send the whole mess to him.

Oh my . . . see what I mean? I start talking about buttons and end up in London. 

Time to get with the program. Oh hey! I got a special order today from Australia for two button bracelets. How cool is that?

talk soon, d.

That will waylay your day for a while, a week. . . . d.

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A very whiny me just sent off an e-mail to W begging for a little layout help for an ad. It’s the simplest thing imaginable and I can’t do it. Several years ago I took InDesign and now I can’t remember a single thing. My mind is truly a sieve. Woosh, gone. *Sigh*.

 There is so much to do when trying to run a little on-line shop. Advertising and communications takes up the biggest chunk of time. Creating is nearing the back burner and it seems all backwards. Hm?

And the computer: friend or foe? When i can figure out what I’m doing it’s fabulous. When I can’t even receive my e-mail because of a really big bad error I made, it’s not good.

I feel I’m rather the poster girl for an anachronism: “She stitches, bakes, gardens, write letters by hand but glazes over in the computer maze.” Still, what are my choices? I’ve started an on-line business. What an irony!

On the to-do front I need to have someone take my photo for my little interview. Truth: I’d rather go to the dentist. Honestly. Behind the camera is good fun, in front, not. Just how old a photo do you think I could get away with on this one? It’s not like computer dating. Maybe I can drum up something from the shoebox. 🙂

And if things weren’t big enough I added another Etsy site, Dahlila Found (not open just yet, but there). I just really needed a space to sell my stash, paper goods, book parts, scraps, buttons, great finds I don’t need, but some Etsians could surely use. And if all works well, it’ll give me a bigger yarn allowance. 😉

 Oh . . . suddenly very tired. And I have a stack of library books to read. Goodnight all, d.

P.S. this is my new Dahlila Found avatar. I typed it myself on a manual typewriter. Remember those?


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