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Shooting photos on a windy day. 🙂

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Forty minutes to midnight, exactly one year after I started selling from my first Etsy shop, Dahlila, I just made my 100th sale on Dahlila Found.

Now that is a new year’s day! d.

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 My very first EVER in a year on Etsy, Treasury West. I am so tickled. I had trouble capturing all of it, but this is most of it. Yay!


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I’ve got some great new vintage men’s shoes in the shop. Men should have fun shoes too.


Pair #1 Fabulously supple men’s handmade dress shoes from Poland.

Pair #2 SOLD Vintage military boots

Pair #3 Military dress shoes

Pair #4 Military jump boots, steel toed.

Enjoy! d.

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We are even deeper in fog today, think “Hounds of the Baskerville.” A good day to stay inside and work, but I took a very long, much needed walk and had coffee. Zephyr had to stay home, as he is still limping, which is torture on both of us. We both live for a good long walk. It’s our simplest most calming, therapeutic, head clearing moments of any given day. Still, he has to heal and I have to be the heavy about it.

Etsy business is slow, but I trudge ahead. It’s hard to think creatively in a gloom. Creativity needs space and an open mind. Still, I have gotten some incredibly kind feedbacks and there is nothing more assuring than a happy customer. So, I’m off to post in both shops, Dahlila and DahliaFound.

Here is a sneak peek at some upcycled cards I made last night. The pages are from a 1958 Harlequin Romance Novel: seductive Christmas calling cards. 😉


Have a warm Saturday, d.

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A quick write before I slip into a hot bath, after a long day. This working away from home stuff is exhausting. I’m ready every night to come home, close the door and rest. Zephyr isn’t pleased with my new schedule, not always having time in the morning to walk. But we took a long one at the river tonight and now he’s zonked out and all is quiet.

I bowed out from writing The Daily Dose at the Etsy Vintage Team Blog. I miss it, but right now I’m overloaded. Maybe when my routine settles. Sales have been wavy, everyone’s cutting back, but Christmas is coming and Etsy just seems like the best place to find something special in any price range. That’s where I’m going! I sold these lovelies yesterday to a buyer with a Steve Madden, NY address. I’m impressed. 😉

I was almost hoping the last one wouldn’t sell. I wanted to wear it just once. It’s so much fun.

I’m off to my bath. Very, very tired. Take care all, d.

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This just made me giggle, so I had to share. This photo alone is classic, but it’s also an advertisement for upscaled, upcycled “unders” for men at Panther By Hand on Etsy. As she states in her description, it’s a shame more men don’t have brightly colored unders. Looking at these jaunty, happy men. I agree.

Thank you PantherByHand for your wonderful creations! d.

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