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Sometimes the smallest events are the biggest productions. Zephyr and I went to the river tonight and this is what happened:

1. It’s helpful when going walking to REMEMBER YOUR WALKING SHOES.

2. Flip flops are not walking shoes, but you make the best of it.

3. We saw the COYOTE! It was good to see her. I miss her. I decided to grab Zephyr although he whined and barked to get to her. Reasons: A) Zephyr is older now and I don’t know how she will react as they haven’t “seen” each other in nearly a year. B) Although it is the same place we have always seen her and it looks like her, I don’t absolutely know it is her. Z doesn’t need another coyote chomping. We watched, whimpered and smiled from 10 yards. She was hunting lizards, completely unfazed.

This isn’t her, but she looks like this, more browns, skinnier, long snout.

4. The riparian forest has grown so high you can barely see the river from the dirt road now. Maybe, come winter when the leaves fall.

5. My feet are so going to hurt after walking the rocks.

6. I went to the fig tree and it was swollen with fruit! I did remember by tote, so I picked as many as I could carry, ate a few more, then all sticky fingered started back.  (Back home I called my dad, “We have more figs.” Tomorrow, food swap.)

7. We walked back along the river. Zephyr swam, I soaked my feet and dragged my toes through the cold mud. Quieting.

8. Walking back, Zephyr ate something I don’t even want to say, it was that gross. I was so pissed.  Damn, dog!

9. Back in the jeep all harnessed up Zephyr threw-up  all over the back. Jeep smells gross. Good news: it was on a blanket. Good news two: better there than on the carpet at home, which is where he usually pukes.

10. Pass on trip to Trader Joes for goat cheese and eggs, as suddenly those things don’t sound appetizing anymore.

11. Home: washing figs, running washer, cooking pasta. Zephyr put himself to bed. He’s kicking his feet against the hardwood floor. Maybe, he’s dreaming of the coyote. It was good to see her.



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I rarely ever have my camera when I need it. Yesterday, I saw two of these beautiful flaming orange butterflies flittering about each other & I was just stunned.

Today, I saw one of them landing in my butterfly tree just as I was finishing up shooting some photos and I managed to capture this shot on the fly through the branches. What luck!

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Today’s best yard sale find. Wool, double breasted, deep pockets, $2. What more could I want in fab retro coat?

Keep or sell? Oh, ask me after the leaves turn & I can road test it on a long walk. Then we will see.

d xxoo

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Playing in the leaves with Zephyr made me think of this editorial I wrote several years ago–and just two days off! How timely. Enjoy the leaves!

November 14, 2006

“Leaves have been falling in droves and it’s a lovely sight, but there appears to be some confusion plaguing our residents. The trees are not trying to hurt you. Leaves are not dangerous. Continually blasting them with a leaf blower, especially on windy days, will not kill them or make them disappear. The leaves are already dead, so relax. Blowing them into the street or off your property line does not mean you win.

Leaves, tree branches and grass clippings are biodegrabable. This is a big word, meaning the leaves will decompose (or break down) and become part of the earth again–basically, dirt. This is a good thing.


Here’s the tricky part: Plastic bags filled with dog poop are not biodegradable, even if you hide them in leaf piles so your neighbor won’t see where you left them. Please note: The plastic bag used to pick up dog poop goes in a garbage can. A garbage can is easily recognizable, as usually a large green plastic container that sits along the side of house and sometimes smells. However, if you deposit your dog-poop bag–also known as “garbage”–in the big green plastic container and shut the lid, you will not smell it anymore, nor will you or your neighbors run over it when they back out of the driveway. This small act of kindness can maintain peace and quiet within your neighborhood. Peace and quiet may not be familiar to you–but I digress.

It’s pretty simple: garbage bad, leaves good. If this news about leaves is too unsettling, you might find raking very calming. A rake is a long slender tool for gathering leaves, not unlike a broom. Raking is good exercise. It requires no gasoline or electricity and makes little noise, other than a light scraping on the sidewalk. You may remember the lovely and antiquated sound from childhood. You may discover, if you dig through the clutter in the back of your garage, that you already own a rake.

To sum up: Leaves are not the enemy. Plastic is not biodegradeable. Raking is good for your health. Enjoy the lovely autumn. We’ll have this discussion again next year when–don’ t panic!–the leaves will return.”

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