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I still feel like a vampire sucked the life out of me. Evil flu. By two I managed to go the cafe, get a very hot Chai and take Zephyr back to a safer corner of the park–vigilant of people and dogs. Luckily few were there. I sat and crocheted. Zephyr ate grass. All was copacetic.

Need to get to yarn shop. The weather has changed all my wants from dark browns and charcoals to pastels. If winter does not return soon, I can bag scarves all together, slip into skirts and  flip-flops and paint.

The world is weird. d.

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Tomorrow’s the big Valentines Day and I’m still sick. It kicked into overdrive last night and leveled for the whole day. And I got a flu shot! Sigh.

To add insult to my small misery I accidentally erased my Outlook Express identity. I lost ALL of my addresses, stashed e-mails w/photos and info. Woosh, gone. I’d e-mail W and whine for help, but 1) he wouldn’t recognize my scratchy baritone voice and 2) his e-mail was in there too. Oops. . . .

I’ll leave you with this: Down the street, my neighbor plants tulips every November then awaits their arrival for his wife on Valentines Day.

tulips before V-day

Another neighbor doubted they would make it, then yesterday I spotted this:

Tulip 2 days before


Beauty and faith. Happy Valentines Day.


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This is fun. . . a gut wrenching cough tha sounds like smoker’s hack. I feel worse today than yesterday. Still, I managed to go out, get coffee and soup. The soup lured me out more than anything. Tues. is Manhattan clam chowder at the cafe, served w/a  huge wedge of lemon. Just plug me in and let it drip.

The sun is out still. It’s actually hot. 60-something degrees. It feels silly crocheting wrist warmers when people are walking about in shorts. Where is my winter? The flu deserves a good blizzard. The flu is not sunny.

My father showed up at the cafe, R came out to chat and I just wanted everyone to go away. Conversing was just painful. I finally shooed them both off. Let me just be, slurp my soup, sip my coffee and crochet. Easy, no thought, quiet.

I made these yesterday:

Olive wrist warmers

Carwin says they’re too girly. He’d wear them, but he doesn’t think a straight man would. The right color, the wrong style. I don’t know. What do you think?

So, today I’m making these:

Taupe wrist warmers

These are wider and have a military look to them. There’s a name for what I’m thinking of, but I’ll be damned if I can find it today. Sigh. Anyway, I love the color, taupe, it says. Taupe sounds bland and staunchy. The dictionary calls it “gray-brown,” but that’s not right either. It really has a chocolate milk feel. . . coffee w/two creams. . . tomato, tomato. What do you think?

* I did the dishes. Installation piece #84 has been dismantled*

Now,  if you’ll excuse me, I need to go cough up a lung. . .  


P.S. Will accept donations of homemade soup, Kleenex (white only) and cough drops (lemon over cherry).

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I am still flu-y. Eating oatmeal, perusing Etsy. Looking at stuff. I was going to try and write here today, be pithy, but I mostly feel like curling up and staring at my eyelids. There are dirty dishes piled in my sink (yuck) but I’m calling it an installation piece for today; I should name it. . . unscoured dishes#84.

I wonder if it’s possible to soak in a hot bath all day. Would my skin ever return to normal? Would that necessarily be a good thing if it did? I feel a little blurry. . .

Someone make me chicken noodle soup and send me back to bed! Zephyr doesn’t cook so I guess I’m screwed. Poor dude, he doesn’t look to hot either.  And the sun is out. Supposed to reach 67 degrees today. It’s February! Ugh.

Sark calls this “the tyranny of a beautiful day.”

Now back to my Kleenex. dahlila.

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Oh no. . . I may be getting the flu. I ache everywhere. I’ve drawn a bath and I’m going to soak it out of me. Sigh.

 I did manage to hold it bay all afternoon. I took Zephyr to the river, a nice long walk. It was almost ridiculously hot (global warming in Feb. Fabulous.) We took the lower trail along the water’s edge, still muddy in some places. It spends most of the winter underwater. Lots of mulchy leaves, that groovy pond smell. It was lovely, actually.

Bought more flowers, gazanias, and filled the planter at the cafe. I couldn’t help it. I love gazanias. Hopefully R. will agree. I fixed the small purple fence I made, tattered from weather. It’s mostly heavy twine. It looks much cleaner now. I suppose I need a picture of that as well.

But now we are home. Zephyr is tucked in, a bit sore and stiff. He thinks he’s a puppy still, romps and plays w/other dogs, then creeps up the stairs at night. Poor guy. And right now, I feel the same way. Even my fingers hurt. Ugh.

Good night, d.

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