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I found the patchwork quilt last week at a yard sale. I thought I’d leave it in the jeep for picnics. Hm…today I found this wicker chair–still pretty sturdy sitting on a corner. In the jeep it went!

wicker chair

Drab lawn chair + yard sale quilt = insta-summer yard chair.

wicker chair2

And quit cozy I might add.

wicker chair3


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Hello all,

Two in one day; it blows my mind too. But, in honor of creating my second Etsy shop: DahlilaFound.etsy.com–purveyors of fabulous finds and assemblage supplies, I thought it would be fun to post, in no particular order, household items that I found–not bought, but literally found, love and use in my everyday life.   

Post #1:

Pink Porch Shelf

This beautiful pink deco shelf I found on the street, as is. It’s about 2 1/2′ tall and scrubbed up, it now sits outside my door. It holds my coffee while I’m fiddling w/the lock. I stash small finds there too–bottle glass, shells, a rusty bottle cap, some rocks and a fishing weight. The plant I bought.

Have a nice weekend, d.

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