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No one loves a mystery more than I do. So when this letter showed up in my post box I was baffled and thrilled–also, angry that the United States Post Office botched its delivery so badly. Here’s why:

1) The only two parts of this address that are mine are “2790” and “California”. The name, street, even the city! Even the zip code are all wrong. How, the hell did this end up at my house?

The envelope flap was not sealed so I opened it and found a condolence card. If ever there was a card that needed to be delivered it was this one. “Our hearts, Our thoughts, Our sympathy…”

  “We will always remember M’s sense of humor, Her laughter, Her thoughtfulness and kindness!

“The world was a better place because of her! We regret so much your loss. We dearly loved her!”

The post office doesn’t lose your bills, the endless reams of ads, the unwanted paper detritus of our lives, but this it loses.

Maybe, it’s best this letter landed in my box. I am, in so many ways, the finder of lost things, lost trinkets, lost animals, lost souls, and now, lost mail. I am the keeper, the fixer, the finder of homes for each and all that stumbles through my path. (I named my shop Dahlila, Found after all.)

So, here I am trying to figure out where this letter belongs,  but not only is this address not mine, this address: 2790 West Locust Avenue, Frisco, California, 95711 does not exist at all.  

1) 95711 isn’t a zip code, anywhere.

2) No one has rightly refered to San Fransisco as “Frisco” in  decades. (One  Hal R. Hobbs, Los Angeles resident, filing for divorce before the honorable Judge Morgan was nearly sentenced to “internment as the enemy” for constantly referring to San Fransisco as such in his courtroom.)

3) There is no West Locust Avenue in San Francisco.

Nothing about this address is right. So where does it belong? I decided to think like a much older person–okay, not even that much older did it. I thought the zip code 95711 might be inverted. So I flipped a few numbers around and got San Jose, Just an hour south of the city. Hm? Possibly, but there’s no West Locust Avenue there either.  Then I thought what if my eyes were bad and I was reading this out of my old address book. I tried 95111, 95117, both San Jose again.

I looked again. What if it doesn’t say Frisco, but “Fresco”. There is no Fresco, but ah, there is Fresno. I typed in Fresno and low-and-behold their zip code is 93711!

So, …”Fresco, California, 95711″ is really “Fresno, California 93711.”  All I need to verify now is that this woman actually lives at this address, then I’ll fix it and mail it onward. Also, there’s a return address. I will write to this kind woman from Savannah, GA and tell her my story of her letter and wish her my best.

d. xxoo

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Hi, I’ve been away on vacation. I have so much to show you, but am trying to catch up with my Etsy postings. New items at Dahlilafound and a sale at Dahlila, getting ready for new crocheted scarves and wrist warmers for Fall. Can you believe it. Already!

So, with little time, I thought I’d leave you with a Find, which, again, I haven’t posted in a while.

This Find came off the top of a junk pile in front of someones house on Junk Day–my favorite day of the year. It was dirty and spotted, but I saw, with a serious cleaning, it would be a great library/market day canvas bag–and it is.

enjoy your Sunday, d.

P.S. The tomatoes and nectarines are straight from the farmers market. A great find for a Sunday, but a paid-for find. 🙂

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Do you ever get into the middle of a project and find yourself not certain about what you are even doing?

I’ve been working/creating an odd assortment of “art” lately, not to even get into the mental stuff I’m toying around with (my mind looks like my garage–cob webs, art projects, boxes, storage; it needs sweeping, rearranging, prioritizing, maybe even a new light bulb.)

I’ve got the Green Desk Project, which suddenly got daunting instead of fun. Then I found my old Olympia DeLuxe typewriter (a birthday gift from an ex.) I’ve been hauling the weighty thing around for years and once in a while I like to get it out and bang on the keys. Wham, wham, wham, DING! It’s awesome, but bruttle on the finger tips. How were our pinkies ever strong enough to hit the outer keys? Ouch.

 So, with the DeLuxe I started writing these naughty little alphabet cards. They’ve been kind of fun to write over coffee. I needed something very affordable in my shop and I thought little fun cards would be perfect. But as with everything it’s gotten complicated too. How do I show them? Will someone just steal the wording? Copyrighting? Do I show just a taste? Is that enticing or annoying? Should I make them bigger like Birthday cards, smaller like ACEOs? In other words, I’m having trouble fitting into the Etsy box-which seems crazy, because Etsy has a plethora of crazy art stuff for sale, but it’s all about–ONCE AGAIN!–getting found. Sigh.

If you type in paper<cards you get a few thousand hits and most of them are high end pro-printed, high-graphic design (In Design, my thorn) cards. WHY would anyone want to buy my silly little naught ditty cards, hand typed on recycled paper (retorical question). It’s like trying to set up a lemonade stand next to a Jamba Juice. It’s just silly. And yet I keep making them.

Very time consuming, of course. And I’m still confused about how to post them. And right now I have A, B and D. Nobody wants to buy A, B, D. Where the hell is C?! Well, C got stuck, because it was a REALLY naughty word (yea, that one) and I actually typed it on a card. (My mother will fAiNt in HORROR–I can feel the shame running down my neck already.)

Anyway, C is not completed, but it was just like me to be impatient, go ahead and post A, B & D. I’ve skipped all over the alphabet, because like the Green Desk Project a direct line/look is just WAY to daunting for me. As my dad once told me, just creep around in the back door where no one is looking (he was talking about me getting into college, and believe it or not, it worked) and that includes my brain. I do better sneaking up on an art project, backing into it, whistling my way around it, then bumping into it on accident. this is also my best approach when dealing with just about anything.


Okay, back to it. C is for. . . don’t say it. 😉


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I haven’t posted a “Found” in a while. This is one of my truly favorites. I actually found this on top of a pile on neighborhood junk day.

Oriental Carpet

It was probably cleaner then than it is now–dog fur and all. I took it home scrubbed the bejesus out of it with liquid dish soap and a scrub brush, hosed it off and hung it to dry.

Oriental rug

It’s 28″ x 46″ hand woven wool. Simply beautiful. You just really never know what you’re going to find.

Cheers, d.

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Busy, busy, busy. Trying to get new posts on Dahlila Found while crocheting a special order and appeasing a fickle buyer on Dahlila. It’s a juggling act, but one I’m enjoying.

 I’m off to find tennies or walking shoes of some fun variety. Suddenly spring requires skirts and legs. Yikes.

 I promised I’d be posting my “founds” in honor of my newest shop. So here, is my 2nd posting of two beautiful finds:

This lovely little green shelf I found disconnected in a leaf/wood pile on the street. All it needed was a few nails and a good scrub. It’s perfect beside my stove.

Green kitchen shelf w/blue Utah bottle
The blue bottle (also below) I dug up in southern Utah from an old deserted dump. It took a while in the hard red clay, but I excavated it, w/o a crack. It’s positively iridescent. “Bromo-Seltzer, Emerson Drug Co” is written on the bottom.
What a find, dahlila.  🙂

Blued Utah bottle

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