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I had a bit of meltdown last week. I got busted by the dog catcher, & Zephyr had a small scare from eating too much grass at the river.  A trip to the vet, some “as-long-as-you’re-here” blood work, some slightly scary news, but nothing frantic, immediate, just a real wake-up call that Zephyr is indeed getting old. I can’t bear the thought, but then I’m getting older too.


My time on Twitter has brought me–us–a very sweet new friend. Although we’ve never met face-to-face, she’s just the kindest person. She watched my meltdown, my nervous freak out that Zephyr was getting old & I just couldn’t bear or stop the clock! (insert panic).

Today, I got a surprise package in the mail from her: “Old Dogs are the best dogs“. The photos would make the most stoic soul weep. I’ve already reached for the Kleenex, twice.

Thank you Suzanne. You have a very big heart,

d, xo

Zephyr, not really interested in the photo, so much as the taste of the book, gave it a lick. At just about 12 years old, he is moving into the spry, yet senior, citizen department.  Although very distinguished, that muzzle used to be very dark.

Forgive that leash. I hate it. He hates it, but he’s been wandering off a bit. I find him standing out on the front lawn or the neighbor’s back yard. Not horrible, but a few weeks ago he crossed the street and the leash came out. We’re still adjusting.

After a nice walk this morning and meeting quite a few dogs along the way to play with, Zephyr is sprawled out on the cool pavement. The temperature is supposed to be 80 degrees today. We don’t do heat very well. I like big blue skies, but we both like chilly weather. We should move back to the beach.

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Reverb10, day 7:

Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

Tough word: community. You are either in or you are out, there’s no in-between. All that togetherness and pressure to fit in can shake me up. I am not good with crowds, have never managed to successfully engage at, and enjoy, a cocktail party. I can do it, but it takes a ridiculous amount of energy, an emergency escape plan and sometimes a little Xanax.

And then I discovered Twitter.  No unnerving mixed signals, no weird eye-contact-not-equaling-emotional-vibe, no loud crowds or hooting inside joke laughter, no personal questions out of left field, “So D, WHY aren’t you married?” (Engage exit strategy, now).

On-line, no one cares what I do for a living, or where I work, or where I  bought this blouse , or what my hair looks like today, unless, it’s particularly good, or bad,  and I post a photo of it to share.

It’s kind of like show-and-tell for grown ups. Or a gaggle of girlfriends gabbing at the kitchen counter. It’s a  fairytale I’d like to have in real life but haven’t quite  found, like Prince Charming or a Desperate Housewife. It looks romantic, or tight-knit,  but does it exist?

Twitters authenticity is questionable.  Would any of these people  like me in real life–or me, them? I don’t know. We are putting our best rehearsed selves out there– or our worst selves, or our most outrageous selves. It isn’t who I am in public, or maybe it is if I were braver, if I had a posse, a pack, a tribe.

I certainly talk about them enough:

Tony in Pacifica, runs a bait shop, said the funniest thing the other day…

Madeline, in Idaho, a mom of FOUR, got caught without diapers last week. We all suggested she pour herself a drink and we laughed with her until she stopped crying. She’s amazing…

Cheryl’s husband is in Iraq. Julia bought the most beautiful vintage dress. Martha lost her job. Matt wrote his first play…

My friend says, “but you don’t KNOW these people”, and I disagree. We share a lot more here than we do at cocktail parties. They know more about me than you do…

They are my treasure box of  epistolary frienships, the gab without the kitchen. We just makeshift with virtual cocktails, emoticons and TwitPics.

What do I want in community for 2011? An iPhone, so I can take them all with me when I leave the house.

d xo

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I’m sitting here typing with one eye shut. The lack of depth perception does not help my already mediocre typing skills. It shouldn’t make a difference, but it seems to.

I am fighting with migraines, or some sort of horrible head pain. And it’s making my life hell. Ice packs and Advil have become my closest companions. I lay submerged up to my eyeballs in hot baths, anything to ease the pain that stabs behind my right eye. I’ve been in and out of the ER–the scariest place I’ve ever been. And I’m not going back. The system has me by the … well, it’s got me cornered. Too much cash for MediCal, not enough to pay the doctors.

So, I did something I rarely ever do unless absolutely bottomed out. I put a call out to nearly everyone I know for ideas, health insurance info, anything or anyone that might offer assistance. It’s a really sucky feeling asking for help. A very vulnerable feeling. But some people have really risen to the occasion. People I never thought would. Big surprise on me.


Meanwhile, I am at the mercy of anyone who can read–my favorite thing to do. Sigh.  And I’ve got an appt. with a great acupuncturist. Always good.

If I’m not here a lot, or my shop looks dusty for a while, or there’s no new crochets or naughty cards at Dahlila, I apologize. I’m anxious to get back to work, but for right now there’s a pillow with my name on it–and coffee! I’ve got a doctor’s permission to drink more coffee. So, that’s one good thing.

wish me luck, d.

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Every winter my friend, Ben, drops off an entire grocery bag filled with Meyer’s lemons and Meyer’s are the finest. I have managed to make my way through almost the entire bag alone. I love lemons. I squeeze them in hot water at night, over pasta, salad, in juice. I even make the ocassional batch of lemon bars, but mostly I just squeeze and drink them.


In the heart of winter when it’s the absolutle chilliest they are a warm comfort in my little kitchen. Such a great big gift. Thank you Ben!

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I bought these fabulous little coffee cup tags from my Etsy friend Ann up in Canada. (she sent me tons of “gifted extras” that are equally fun.) She is the ephemera queen of Etsy. If you like vintage paper, she’s your woman: http://anndouglas.etsy.com.

So, I’m sitting here watching my first Ebay auction (buying) and to kill time I typed up the tags for my shops. I love them. What says me better than a coffee cup?

http://dahlila.etsy.com for crochets and naughty cards, typed.

http://dahlilafound.etsy.com for fabulous vintage finds.


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As a writer I am a pesky editor. I am constantly going back and rewording items that most won’t even read. Plus, now that I’ve admitted I’m a writer, YOU are now searching for errors, aren’t you? Please don’t. You will surely find some. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not perfect–even when I really, really want to be. 😉

I have just been scrambling to fluff my Etsy shop, make it more alluring. It’s hard to do. EVERYTHING is on the photos. I’ve reshot some and am now waiting for the fog to lift so I can shoot more.

I’ve been terribly productive making scarves and experimenting w/scarflettes, chokers, beads and buttons. Today a batch of felting is going for a hot bath and I am very excited to see the results. Felting is such fun.

I also went thrifting yesterday and found some wonderful sweaters. One to wear; one to revamp. A beautiful dark blue with light blue and white Swedish edging will make a great pillow cover. The arms will be wrist warmers–for Etsy or myself. I can’t decide. Sometimes selling is hard, since I design everything to be loved by ME.

Fog or not, I’m off to cafe for coffee and soup. Friday is clam chowder day w/baguette. R has been happy–his girlfriend? Yes or no? Who knows. Am tempting him to purchase fuchsia scarf for his darling daughter.

Postal arrival! Real mail from my dearest friend, T. It has squirrel stickers and a bumble bee. T sends lovely letters and cards.  Very happy. Coffee AND letter.


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