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Pink Emerald City

Pink Emerald City

I’ve been having the best time making treasuries lately. Since I finally discovered the secret, that isn’t so secret. Last week I even made the front page of Etsy, though I missed it completely.

This is my favorite so far, d.


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I’ve been working on my cards for Dahlila. They’re fun but they aren’t photographing well. They don’t pop–but then they are typed, HAND typed on an old Olympia manual. The fun is fading, as is the ink ribbon. My fingers hurt and I don’t think the antiquity of it all is appreciated, really. The computer printer is calling my name. . .

See, you can’t SEE the writing. This one says, ” Sharon discovered her family’s rantings were much less grating when she mixed the Adivan into her afternoon tea,” Dahlila 2008.

Now, that’s my kind of sentiment, which is why I wrote it. 😉 d.

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Hi, I’ve been away on vacation. I have so much to show you, but am trying to catch up with my Etsy postings. New items at Dahlilafound and a sale at Dahlila, getting ready for new crocheted scarves and wrist warmers for Fall. Can you believe it. Already!

So, with little time, I thought I’d leave you with a Find, which, again, I haven’t posted in a while.

This Find came off the top of a junk pile in front of someones house on Junk Day–my favorite day of the year. It was dirty and spotted, but I saw, with a serious cleaning, it would be a great library/market day canvas bag–and it is.

enjoy your Sunday, d.

P.S. The tomatoes and nectarines are straight from the farmers market. A great find for a Sunday, but a paid-for find. 🙂

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Two in one day. I know; crazy. But I had to share. I needed yarn and I went a little nuts. It could have been much worse–the colors, the textures, heaven–still, I restrained myself as best I could.

Pink yarn trip

And it’s Thursday. Lost is on tonight. 🙂 Enjoy. d.

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