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My new coffee hideout. You could get lost in this crazy place, half coffee house, half clutter, gardening pots, random scary wall art, but tons of plants, a golden gravel patio, enclosed with lots of umbrellas. AND I can bring Zephyr with me. 🙂

Under a huge overhang, a couch set. There’s usually a guy reading and smoking a cigar here. One day he was asleep.

Patio shots. Doesn’t feel like Sacramento here.

Pink Gernaniums, yellow sunflowers grow next to a table.

My favorite table next to the water fountain. Sigh.

I think I need more coffee. 🙂

d xxoo

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Last year, you may remember, Garden-palooza  (which crazy-kismet was only one day off an exact year ago today!) when I shared the squirrel invasion of my walnut tree and the evil squirrel who peed on me. Yep, you read that right. While I sat sipping tea in the shade a squirrel peed on my hat. Well, they’re back.

Garden-palooza 2 is in full bacchanalian force. My yard is covered in walnuts, sticking in my shoes, crunching under every step and raining down on anyone who dares sit under the tree.  

Even the plants are not safe.

And the walnuts? All those possibly delectable walnuts?  I have NEVER tasted a one of them.

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I love Myers lemons. I mean, I really love them. My neighbor has a tree smattered in yellow like polka dots. They never eat them. I take them away in full bowls. I squeeze them in water, baste salmon, stir lemon thyme pasta and occasionally make lemon squares.

Three years ago I properly planted seeds I had squeezed from one such lemon, although my compost pile is filled with them.

First lemon

The seeds took root upon my kitchen window sill, grew larger until I moved them outdoors. They battled winter, bugs and various other attacks of nature that descended on them like locust.

After a year,  I had three plants left, one barely hanging on. They vary in shape and size, like siblings perhaps, but this year to my absolute surprise one blossomed an aromatic flower and then two.

The weather, being particular balmy, urged them on and this is the fruit of my labor–my very first lemon. It’s only an inch and half long yet and as green as a lime, but still, it feels like magic.

This winter when the rest of the garden as fallen asunder I have this to look forward to, one–maybe, more–delicious homegrown Myers lemon. 🙂

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I replanted my compost pile that was sprouting all kinds of interesting buds into one of my raised beds and it has suddenly found it’s roots, so to speak. Squash blossoms have appeared and some have already moved onto some kind of squash, to be determined later. They could be anything, pumpkins, yellow squash, green squash. The fun is all in the surprise.


On the subject of gardening, I found this AMAZING nursery while on vacation last week, Aspen Hollow in South Lake Tahoe. The women there were very friendly, completely in love with gardening and giving with their gardening tips. Their creations were amazing and fun. They had a real knack for putting fabulous planters together. Of course, if I had a whole nursery at my disposal, I might too.

I was so enamored with the place I went back and shot photos, but my pictures really don’t do them justice. Still, if you’re ever there, go. Check these out:

And the piece de resistance, a huge metal basket, that must weigh a 100 pounds, hanging inside this metal pergola, above a water fountain. Again, you really can’t see the enormity of this beauty, but I tried.

Thank you ladies (and gents) of Aspen Hollow for making such beautiful gardens, d.

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