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The weatherman predicted 90+ degrees today and it’s only four days into May. All that concrete in the backyard heats up quickly. The more plants, the more shade, the better.

I love market umbrellas. They’re so fun, like a big tent. I feel like I’m hiding in a tree fort. Plus, they add an instant uplift to¬†the yard, even our car park turned urban garden.

I do what I can. ūüôā

Thinking of a house-warming¬†gift? Market umbrellas.¬† This one was only $29 at Raleys. ūüôā


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Summer has officially kicked in. Yesterday was 103 & today is not much cooler. It makes me feel sorry for all the dogs out there: thick fur coats with no perspiration. (Dogs, FYI do not perspire. That’s what all the panting is about. Can you imagine? Awful.)

Summer Dog Reminders:¬†Please don’t¬†leave your dog (or pet) in the car, even in the shade. The interior temperature of a car can reach into the hundreds even on a cooler 80 degree day. And as I mentioned, dogs do not sweat. Imagine sitting in your car, wrapped in cellophane with a fur coat on, even for¬†that short minute–you swear–that you run to grab coffee, the dry cleaning, your kid from school. You get the picture. I hope!

In California, it is now illegal to leave a pet in a summer car. And please don’t be shy about reminding people who have left their pet in¬†a car about that law. (More than once¬†I have¬†had to¬†emphatically point this out to people. It’s worth to save a pet’s life.

Exercising your dog in the heat is not a good idea either. Easy walks, playing in the park, sure, but save the intense ball throwing & long runs for a cooler day.

And water, water, water. Did I mention water? Zephyr loves the hose. Before we walk I spray him down. Anything to keep him cool. My neighbor leaves the sink tap dripping & his cat LOVES it. He plays in the drip, even lays in it. Crazy cat, but happy & cool.

Be sure your pet has a safe place to crash in the heat too. (Zephyr likes hiding in my old garage on the cool cement floor.) Last night, I made him sleep downstairs–like 15 degrees cooler–& I soaked him down with a wet towel too.¬†

Zephyr is¬†old now, nearly 12, so I keep a close eye on him. It’s a no-brainer really. He’s my most important responsibility.¬† Your pet is like one of your kids. If you wouldn’t let your kid do it–leave them in a hot car, run around in the heat w/o water & such–then don’t let your dog do it either.

For more information on summer pet safety: http://vetmedicine.about.com/cs/summerinfo/a/summersafety.-6lv.htm

Hot days, parked Car Danger: http://vetmedicine.about.com/od/summerheathhazards/qt/dog_in_car_tips.htm

To you and your dog–cat, guinea pig–have a good summer,

d & zephyr xxoo

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The world is freaking me out today. The simmering triple digit heat has left Sacramento feeling edgy, jagged and hostile. It’s May and this is way too early for ¬†July weather. It’s best to ease into summer, one digit at a time, instead it ¬†feels like an intersection collision.

Triple digits have become a trigger. I relate it always to Shadow and that dreadful summer where we laid together on the wood floor beneath the whining window AC. Two weeks of heat that would not relent below 100 and more often rose to 114 degrees. The living room became small, suffocating. I draped sheets over the stairwell and wet towels over Shadow.  He was in so much pain by then. Time has never moved so slowly.

Now, when the sky¬†feels like it’s on fire, ¬†those days come back¬† in a viscious flood. Life¬†was measured in teaspoons¬†then. They were the worst–and the most important–days of our lives. And then Shadow’s life was over before he could¬†feel the coolness again.¬†¬†I wanted to go with him, but I had to stay behind.


So, this weekend has been all about haulting encrouching demons,¬†¬†staying ¬†present, remembering ¬†that it is just heat,¬† just weather and it will pass. It’s difficult. I don’t want to live here anymore. I hate summer.¬†

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