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Tomorrow’s the big Valentines Day and I’m still sick. It kicked into overdrive last night and leveled for the whole day. And I got a flu shot! Sigh.

To add insult to my small misery I accidentally erased my Outlook Express identity. I lost ALL of my addresses, stashed e-mails w/photos and info. Woosh, gone. I’d e-mail W and whine for help, but 1) he wouldn’t recognize my scratchy baritone voice and 2) his e-mail was in there too. Oops. . . .

I’ll leave you with this: Down the street, my neighbor plants tulips every November then awaits their arrival for his wife on Valentines Day.

tulips before V-day

Another neighbor doubted they would make it, then yesterday I spotted this:

Tulip 2 days before


Beauty and faith. Happy Valentines Day.


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