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As you’ve probably heard me mention before I grew up in the forest, pine tree central. So, come fall, now living in the California central valley, I am always enamored by the change of color, the falling of leaves. It’s newly spectacular every single year.

The one tree that I love more than all others is the California Plane Tree, also known as a Sycamore. It has enormous leaves and carries its own particular scent I no longer smell, having lived here so long now.

When I was a child, I would visit my grandmother here and stare out her upstairs bathroom window at the autumn plane tree dropping its enormous leaves in all it’s fall colors.

Raking leaves is so much fun–though 9.5 out of 10 locals would disagree. Caltrans (California Transportation) and the city parks systems despise them, as they clog drainage systems, apparently worse than any other.  When I went to plant one several years ago, I had trouble finding a good one. Nurseries are purposefully selling less and less of them.

Still, I found one. I planted it. I watch over it, and one day it will be large and shade over the empty spot in a sentry row of them along the park fence.

Today, Zephyr and I were out tromping through them after a rain storm where they have lighted everywhere. I pick through them like I’m hunting sea shells or beach glass. Each is unique, indiviual and colorful.

Small. Wonderment. Joys.

d. xxoo

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I admit it. I’ve been having a difficult few days. I created all the Christmas spirit I could  in the last few weeks, sent cards, made cookies & ginger bread for the cafe folks, decorated packages, bought candy canes, hung lights, filled my head with enough holiday tunes to keep me humming until Valentine’s Day, but half my family are off to visit step-siblings down south and  I simply have lost all of my spirit.

But today, I got the sweetest surprise, a package came from across the country from an address I didn’t know. It was addressed to “Dahlila, Found” my shop name and aka. Inside was a CD: Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra and the nicest Christmas card from StellarClothing, one of my Twitter Tweeples & I simply burst into tears. It’s the kindest, sweetest gesture and it makes my whole Christmas. 🙂 It really does.

"One Joy Shatters a Hundred Griefs" treehugger@flicker

So, the next time someone tells me Twitter is silly or that those people aren’t real I’m going to remember this moment. Thank you StellarClothing.  


dahlila xxoo

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I was so excited about my wool cuffs. I swirled four of them on the hot cycle–twice! With jeans! And they just aren’t snug enough. They didn’t shrink enough. They just aren’t . . . enough. Sigh. What a waste of good wool yarn. A bit pricey good wool yarn too.  Positive thought: good art is made with many mistakes, so I’ll just chock it up to that. Like I’d stop anyway.

I was just about to write “wish for new year: win lottery.” It’s just so cliche. How about, instead: my wares begin to sell with alarming speed. Happy customers come back for more and more. They tell friends; I make a living w/o succumbing to evil cubicle job in large gray hermetically sealed office building (terribly claustrophobic, allergic to state jobs and mass mediocrity). Instead,  I thrive in creative freedom–gardening bliss, baking happiness and dog walking splendor! I like that one much better.

Slept dreadfully last night, much noise in my nook of a neighborhood lately. As usual, I need coffee. . . ta-ta, d.

P.S. Will accept ANY felting tips you may have to share. Much appreciated. Thank you. d.

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