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My Burnt Orange TreasuryI wanted to share something colorful: my latest treasury. Autumn is coming. 🙂

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I don’t mean to be but my Monday got off to a grumpy start. I was requested for coffee w/my father so I rushed about trying to get ready and when I was 15 mins late he left! Too much to do, in a hurry, laundry, post, rush, rush, rush. Ugh. . . . . I REALLY hate it when people impose their flurry on me. Don’t have time, don’t call me for coffee. Grump, grump, grump.

(taking some Zen breaths. . . ) On the good side, the sun is pushing through the haze, so I can shoot photos. The felting is not being what I want it to be. Sigh. But I have several more scarflettes and a lovely scarf in a Snowbaby design (by Joan Kokaska) that I love. I found it in The Great Afghan Book, which I’ve had for years. I don’t afghan, but I’ve found great patterns here. I embellish, twist, turn, trim and such to make my own designs, rather like cooking. (recipes, patterns, in my mind, are simply suggestions. Improvise whenever possible.)

Dahlila’s banner This is my banner that also needs re-shooting today. Too blurry. And if dear W will add his wiz Photoshop magic it will look great.

 Back later with knew photos.  d.

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