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We’ve had the craziest winter her in Sacramenot–or lack of it, really. We desperately need rain, but on the other hand it’s been incredibly nice. The temperature shot up over 70 degrees yesterday! And, although a gazillion mosquitos came with it, so did spring. Neighborhood flowers are in full bloom.

One of my favorites, Daphne. You can smell it wafting through the neighborhood, often before you spot it. It’s season is so short, but so very worth it.

I love the gravel alleys in our neighborhood, quiet planted trails between streets. All the clover is in yellow bloom and the flowering tree rains white pedals down like snow.

I recently learned this is a Saucer Magnolia Tree. There are a few in the neighborhood, the most stunning flowering tree I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous.

The large flowers, as big as my hand catch the light. I could stand under this tree all day.

d, xo


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