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I’ve been up since 7am. For me that is EARLY. Normally, I am so good at crawling back under the covers, blocking out the day, hiding until I need coffee. But since I’ve been “working” on my Etsy shops, I’m anxious to get up and get busy.

It’s odd, really, maybe like the flu it will pass. We’ll see.

I went thrifting yesterday. Check these out:

 Ruby Slipper

I’m selling them, of course ( dahlilafound. etsy) but who wouldn’t want just one night in these? They need a ballroom, of course. And an organza gown, a man in tux, the works. (sorry, the photo isn’t cropped. I have to go do that photo magic still. *blush*)

I haven’t been dancing in over two months and it’s rather sad. Last Fall that’s all I thought about–tango–until I injured  my knees–plural.

Now, I’ve lost that passionate desire, like losing a lover, truly. I mourned for weeks, then gave in and left it. Now, dancing feels awkward and forced. The wrong partner, the wrong music, the wrong me.  Maybe, with spring or summer. Last year we danced and danced then ran outside onto the city street to find a breeze. Yes, tango is summer.

Anyway, these shoes need a lovely, if not tall, dancer. (they’re a size 11!)I hope whoever she is she finds them and waltzes the men into circles.

Coffee time, d.


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