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I found this leaf while I was out walking Zephyr. It was curled into this beautiful well all on its own. The cracks and curling, the frosty white edges. I took it home and found this persimmon fit into it perfectly, as is.

Isn’t nature amazing.

 Have a warm, cozy, festive Thanksgiving.

d xxoo

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I’ve been spending a lot of my weekends visiting family. We do all those things my mother tried to get us to do as children but hated: family picnics, hikes, leisurely togetherness. It took me many, many years to appreciate these things. Now I do.

The foothills have put on a spectacular show of autumn. This trail is one of my favorites. It curves, winds, climbs, then descends into the darkest woods that make me expectant of a roguish Aragorn on horseback–a girl can dream.

I assumed my mother hauled the family out here, so close to their home, often, but she doesn’t. I was shocked. Maybe,  it’s my turn to round the troops for family outings. No one would have guessed me for this job. Irony can be so illuminating.

I managed to snap a few photos. The family ladies didn’t want to be blogged. So private we tend to be, each in our different ways. Mom shot Zephyr and I next to the foot bridge.  Look at all the leaves. Can you smell them?

The ladies across the bridge. Their sentry, Zephyr prepared to stave of the enemy.

The leaves, water, moss, fallen trees, bark, mulch, rocks, all absorbed any noise. So very quiet. Heavenly.

Up river from the bridge, the stream trickles down from a place only animals can go. No foot falls allowed.  Some places should remain secret, private, mythical. 🙂

It was a nice day, d.

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I missed yesterday. I can be bad that way, about things I should do, even when self-imposed. Anyway, it’s beautiful outside, a day to be walking at the river, not sitting before a computer.

I see the state workers wisking down the street to eat. They’ve been inside for hours. It’s sunny outside, lovely, really, but they crowd inside the cafe, like the change from pressurized temperature control to thin, true, chilled air is just too shocking: Plato and the Allegory of the Cave. . . it was the first thing that came to mind.

So, I need a camera. Not the way one needs food or shelter, not in the “I-need-a-cute-pair-of-shoes” way either. It’s somewhere in between, yet I can’t seem to buy one. It’s the big purchases that stump me. I might drop over at my accumulated coffee bill–$1.50 here or there. It would be staggering, but there is necessity there albeit, more social. That’s worth a buck or two.

I’ve got a camera needs list: photos for here and Etsy. Now, I borrow one. It works fine, but it’s as old as a digital camera can get and it lives across town. (I’m justifying, doing my pros and cons, leave me alone. )

It’s interesting what gets us all up in a snit. I do nothing but sigh when the vet hands me a hundred dollar bill. (Honestly, they should just hold my Visa.)  But for me. . . well, that’ll take some self-coaxing. I’m from a thrifty family, no wild spenders here.

When the church (pick a church) comes to clean out my nook when I die, they’ll find baskets of shells, stones, beach wood, trinkets, books, yarn, photo albums, memorabilia, but little monetary worth. I’m a sentimentalist, what can I say.

And with that, I’m off to the thrift store. I’ve started a pciture frame collection collaged w/old Harlequin novels–you can’t find those at Target or Nordies. It’s been fun reading. I’ve never read a Harlequin (although I’d LOVE to write one). Maybe, I should start at page one and see where it takes me. 😉

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