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How I know spring (spring break) has arrived:

 1. Onslaught of fleas, ticks. Must remember to buy Frontline, Benedryl and calamine lotion for dog.

2. Allergy spray TV commercials every five minutes.

3. Saw Rattlesnake Rescue guy. Discovered rattlesnake vaccine for dogs. Who knew? (Red Rock Rattlesnake Vaccine 1.866.897.7625)

4. Found myself cleaning kitchen grout with steak knife this morning. (Spring cleaning attack).

5. Zephyr got first seasonal bath via hose. I got more wet than he did.

6. Three young “dudes” beside me at cafe today, beer drinking before noon. Loud discussion about beer bongs, chics and how to score in law school.

7. Raccoons-opossums? Big ass cats? have torn up garden, pond and compost. Egg shells and pond shells strewn everywhere.  

8. Jeep covered in deep yellow pollen haze.

9. Boom boxes in full heart palpatating mode. Awful!

10. Car air-conditioner is on in March.

Sigh, give me one more day of rain . . . . dahlila.  

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The DSL is not installed and I’ll tell you why:

 1. My computer is haunted. It seems to have taken on a life of its own. My mouse won’t follow my hand, at random and my printer will print a perfect test strip but not a page of my work. I’ve troubleshot into the wee hours and nothing. And I, not being a sorcerer, healer, gypsy, priest, exorcist, witch or geek, am not licensed, trained, spiritually, technically or otherwise, to deal with it at this time.

2. My evil neighbor, the Testosterone Tool, has been out playing w/his chain saw since 8a.m. It’s nearing 11:00. He has butchered a once beautiful elm tree in his yard, that shaded a streetlight from my bedroom window. I have no idea why, other than he looks very pleased with himself.

3. Someone a) threw a firecracker near my door late last night or b) shot off a gun near my door last night. Either option is completely plausible here. But I’m not having that Zen feeling I need to proceed with any heavy technical challenge at this time.

So, I’m taking Zephyr, my crocheting, my book and lawn chair and going to the park, via the other cafe where they serve the best blueberry pancakes imaginable, and good coffee. Plus, the owner, Dina, will do that girl chat thing with me until I decompress and return to a small form of calm.

Today’s mantra: step away from the grenade. Tempting, but no. Namaste, d.


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I’m feeling invisible. My Etsy shop has been open now for 21 days and nothing. Not one sale. I’m trying to stay optimistic. I really am, but it’s hard. I’ve put a lot of work into this and I refuse to quit, but I keep seeing posts in the Forum: “First Sale! And it only took 4 days!” Ugh. . . I need to succeed. I just do.

And tomorrow is a holiday. MLK, Jr. Day. No offense to Mr. King, but I really hate holidays. They disrupt my fairly routine life. My little cafe is packed with families, babies, kids, dogs. . . people. And they make a lot of noise, bustle around and they look so damn happy all the time!

I know what you’re thinking–well, at least one of you anyway–“lady, chill!” or “what a b****. ” Yea, well . . . that’s how I feel, and this is my blog. ;-). Confusion makes me really, really edgy and, yes, a bitch.

Miracle in fur

I’m thinking of Shadow, my beloved Queensland who died last year (bless him). He didn’t like confusion either–or rain, lightening, motorcycles, back fires, firecrackers, fire, candles, matches, squeally children, loud men–w/hats, sunglasses, beards or helmets. We would prefer, he and I, to herd everyone into a corner, make them stay and keep quiet.

 . . . see what four years of inner-city substituting will do to you? Now, if you’ll excuse me I have knitting to do.  d.

“If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re screwed. “

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