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Night has arrived; the construction guy has left & Zephyr is curled up snoozing on the couch. It’s New Year’s Eve and although I’m still sick, I’m happy in my quiet nest.

I rented  Julie & Julia and am enamored with Meryl Streep playing the perfect Julia Childs, and dreamy over Stanley Tucci as her sweet  husband. I’d like one like him, please.

Romantic cooking movies always make me want to bake so I stirred up my favorite Rosemary Pop Overs and my sweet little nest smells all the more homey.

This is a perfectly lovely  new year’s eve. I hope yours is too.

d xo

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Just go a late Friday call from the vet. All the blood drained from my head before she said her first words. Zephyr’s on the fence. She wants to run MORE tests. Be certain about Cushings Disease. Back to the vet on Monday. Blood draw, something injected, wait eight hours, draw blood again. . . just to find out, maybe, where he is.

I suddenly feel like  Zephyr is mirroring my own ailings. The “what the hell is wrong with you?’ ailment. Experimental pin cushions, he and I. We’ll isn’t this just lovely.

Here’s the important thing to know. I will find the money to make certain Zephyr has ALL the vet attention he needs. Where as I . . . can float for a while. As I believe my neorologist will be calling the voodoo witch doctor to perform an exorcism next.

Me and Zephyr 3

Meanwhile, when in doubt, do nothing. . . or do a  little,  but stay close to home. Whatever the small tasks of my everyday life can bring us is just fine, a bit of peace, joy, maybe both. As I really believe in the understated life. I’m big on simple.  So, as soon as it cools down, Zephyr and I are going to the park, even if all we get to do is take a small slow walk and lie in the grass. ❤

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The temperatures spiked near triple digits this last week so I packed up Zephyr and drove to Santa Cruz. The drive was grueling as is usual now, but nothing a little Xanax didn’t improve.

Once over the hair pin turns of Highway 17 I smelled the ocean and all was saved. I didn’t tell Donna I was coming, which is easier. No incoming expectations on my part–no waiting, no arrival time. I went straight to the beach. Spring Break must still be on, because there were teens everywhere, but further down Santa Maria beach, off the rocks, the beach opened out and was clear, windy & supremely wonderful. Zephyr frolicked which left me giddy. Watching him having fun, makes me happy.

Zephyr at Harbor Beach

Zephyr at Harbor Beach

The waves whooshed up over my skirt and left me soaked. I would have liked to fall back  into the water completely, but waves are overwhelming. The crashing ocean is an enormous wonder I have complete respect for, but it invites caution in me, not comfort.

I spent a month camping on the beach in southern Baja years back. I drove down with my then boyfriend, two dogs, a kayak and enough stuff to create a small village.  My greatest memories are of floating naked on the calm bay, sprawled on the wet beach like a seal, scavenging for shells. I want to come back as a wild sea otter. Lapping in soothing waters would be heaven.

View from Aldos

View from Aldos

The rest of my mini-trip was okay. I sneeked out  to have early morning breakfast at Aldos, just me and Zephyr.  Aah. . . ) The best of any day is usually about me & Zephyr. On this trip it was also the water, ocean, sand & sea myst.


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The DSL is not installed and I’ll tell you why:

 1. My computer is haunted. It seems to have taken on a life of its own. My mouse won’t follow my hand, at random and my printer will print a perfect test strip but not a page of my work. I’ve troubleshot into the wee hours and nothing. And I, not being a sorcerer, healer, gypsy, priest, exorcist, witch or geek, am not licensed, trained, spiritually, technically or otherwise, to deal with it at this time.

2. My evil neighbor, the Testosterone Tool, has been out playing w/his chain saw since 8a.m. It’s nearing 11:00. He has butchered a once beautiful elm tree in his yard, that shaded a streetlight from my bedroom window. I have no idea why, other than he looks very pleased with himself.

3. Someone a) threw a firecracker near my door late last night or b) shot off a gun near my door last night. Either option is completely plausible here. But I’m not having that Zen feeling I need to proceed with any heavy technical challenge at this time.

So, I’m taking Zephyr, my crocheting, my book and lawn chair and going to the park, via the other cafe where they serve the best blueberry pancakes imaginable, and good coffee. Plus, the owner, Dina, will do that girl chat thing with me until I decompress and return to a small form of calm.

Today’s mantra: step away from the grenade. Tempting, but no. Namaste, d.


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