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I am caught in a moment–one moment of a tangled thread of moments–of deep angst. There is SO MUCH THAT NEEDS DOING! The lists and lists, and lists written on the back of lists:

POST MORE ITEMS! Clean the house, MY DESK, redesign the blog, my Etsy banner, my bio page–it all looks so crusty! Get a model, someone younger, get up on the trends, buy wrinkle cream, whiten my teeth, learn Excel–for god’s sake! Would you just learn it already?! Wash the dogs, buy flea meds, my taxes? My rent? Did I pay rent? Can I pay rent?

To attack the piles, the papers, the stacks, looks like weeding a vast field of daisies, one. pinch. at a time.

So, I turn around, spin around and around, then open my eyes, like Alice in a Wondrous new land, and walk away. Over there is pretty. Over there is clean. Over there I can see and breathe and take in a rich new field of color, textures, scents and  life that has no weeds, needs nothing from me, only a view to be seen, drunk in, replenishing.


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Sigh. . . today has truly been a Monday, in all exasperating senses of the word. I am so unbelievably grateful I have Tuesdays off, that the night has come, the day is over, the curtains are drawn and my e-mail has been closed. Mostly, all is quiet. If it were to suddenly rain and thunder I would be perfectly thrilled and sweetly content. There is nothing more wondrous and life affirming than a thunder storm, buckets of rain, the sound and smell of rain.


Alas, I will take a bath, lower my head into the water and float away this day–the people, the pests, the clock that didn’t alarm, the tales, the nitpicking, the needs, the nags, the demands, the buzzing, the headaches, the world. Water, water, give me water–my best antidote for life’s little annoyances. And a spot of brandy.

Over and out.

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