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Today is a bitter-sweet day. I don’t want to be sad, but losing you was so horrible and I miss you still. You were my constant, protector, travel companion, best friend.

You and I bud, we saved each other. ♥

Shadow:  found Oct 1995. Died July 27, 2006

Love you always, me and zephyr

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Summer has officially kicked in. Yesterday was 103 & today is not much cooler. It makes me feel sorry for all the dogs out there: thick fur coats with no perspiration. (Dogs, FYI do not perspire. That’s what all the panting is about. Can you imagine? Awful.)

Summer Dog Reminders: Please don’t leave your dog (or pet) in the car, even in the shade. The interior temperature of a car can reach into the hundreds even on a cooler 80 degree day. And as I mentioned, dogs do not sweat. Imagine sitting in your car, wrapped in cellophane with a fur coat on, even for that short minute–you swear–that you run to grab coffee, the dry cleaning, your kid from school. You get the picture. I hope!

In California, it is now illegal to leave a pet in a summer car. And please don’t be shy about reminding people who have left their pet in a car about that law. (More than once I have had to emphatically point this out to people. It’s worth to save a pet’s life.

Exercising your dog in the heat is not a good idea either. Easy walks, playing in the park, sure, but save the intense ball throwing & long runs for a cooler day.

And water, water, water. Did I mention water? Zephyr loves the hose. Before we walk I spray him down. Anything to keep him cool. My neighbor leaves the sink tap dripping & his cat LOVES it. He plays in the drip, even lays in it. Crazy cat, but happy & cool.

Be sure your pet has a safe place to crash in the heat too. (Zephyr likes hiding in my old garage on the cool cement floor.) Last night, I made him sleep downstairs–like 15 degrees cooler–& I soaked him down with a wet towel too. 

Zephyr is old now, nearly 12, so I keep a close eye on him. It’s a no-brainer really. He’s my most important responsibility.  Your pet is like one of your kids. If you wouldn’t let your kid do it–leave them in a hot car, run around in the heat w/o water & such–then don’t let your dog do it either.

For more information on summer pet safety: http://vetmedicine.about.com/cs/summerinfo/a/summersafety.-6lv.htm

Hot days, parked Car Danger: http://vetmedicine.about.com/od/summerheathhazards/qt/dog_in_car_tips.htm

To you and your dog–cat, guinea pig–have a good summer,

d & zephyr xxoo

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Out walking in the park, I was trying to get a photo of Zephyr and myself. It just wasn’t working. A kind man offered to help. He got this nice shot on the first try. Thank you!

Look at that handsome man. And me in my new green wool cap. It’s an Oliver Twist look for certain. What a pair. 😉

d. xxoo

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It’s almost the day of thanks. Tomorrow I’m packing up the jeep, the dog and going home for the holiday. Today, I’m thinking about what I’m grateful for and where it all came from.  Happy Thanksgiving, d.
As a kid I loved teddy bears. Not the big, country kitsch, sit-it-in-a-rocking-chair collection bears, but the squishy stuffed “pets” that I dragged around the house, curled up with when I was sad & lived all over my bed, with me  buried beneath them.

Sweet stuffed bear at StitchFace on Etsy–the bear that made me remember.

If you know me, this is no surprise. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see I have not really changed all that much over the plethora of years. It’s just now, my stuffed animals are dogs–alive and breathing. They still live all over my bed.

Zephyr and me, above; Our beloved Shadow below.

I wonder sometimes when this came about, this love of all things animal. I was given dolls, but I never liked them–hard plastic, batting eyes, their caustic vinyl smell.  Nothing warm or comforting there.  But I still remember my very first & most beloved stuffed animals. I STILL own them, tucked away in a trunk:  A small blue bear stuffed with straw, won at the state fair by someone–my grandmother, mother?–for knocking over bowling pins or skipping pennies across a shallow plate to win a prize.

Another,  a stuffed pink rabbit with long floppy ears whose belly was a music box I don’t remember hearing. It was a baby shower gift for me–ME. What an unbelievable thought.

Retrieved from the treasure trunk. Poor blue bear. Stuffing falling out like Dorothy’s Scarecrow.

The last was a purple bean bag pig that I woke up with after being rushed to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. He was a gift from our baby sitter.  He staved off my fears, then joined our pack.  

When you wake up in the hospital it’s good to have a purple pig.

When I was 6  we lived in a house where I had a queen sized bed all to myself. Yet, at night I lined up each animal, body tucked beneath the covers, head lighted upon the pillows, an entire row of them that left me a small bedding slice along the edge–not even the middle! I could not risk someone falling to the floor, freezing in the cold winter night. And what has changed in all these years? Nothing. I still wake in the night to see that  Zephyr is warm somewhere in the house, tucked in, not freezing on the floor.

 It may sound peculiar, but I love this about my life: the surprising ability to nurture and protect my animal pack that began with keeping stuffed bears off the floor at night.  Or maybe, it has always been them protecting me. Either way: Dear universe, thank you. 🙂


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Just go a late Friday call from the vet. All the blood drained from my head before she said her first words. Zephyr’s on the fence. She wants to run MORE tests. Be certain about Cushings Disease. Back to the vet on Monday. Blood draw, something injected, wait eight hours, draw blood again. . . just to find out, maybe, where he is.

I suddenly feel like  Zephyr is mirroring my own ailings. The “what the hell is wrong with you?’ ailment. Experimental pin cushions, he and I. We’ll isn’t this just lovely.

Here’s the important thing to know. I will find the money to make certain Zephyr has ALL the vet attention he needs. Where as I . . . can float for a while. As I believe my neorologist will be calling the voodoo witch doctor to perform an exorcism next.

Me and Zephyr 3

Meanwhile, when in doubt, do nothing. . . or do a  little,  but stay close to home. Whatever the small tasks of my everyday life can bring us is just fine, a bit of peace, joy, maybe both. As I really believe in the understated life. I’m big on simple.  So, as soon as it cools down, Zephyr and I are going to the park, even if all we get to do is take a small slow walk and lie in the grass. ❤

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