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The sun finally peeked through some rolling clouds today. So Zephyr & I zoomed to the river. I got three shots in before my camera died (of course). Still, it’s a beautiful day. My favorite weather: big clouds, chilly with sun.

This area (below) is dry in the summer. It’s a high offshoot of the American River that only fills with big rains. Usually, the beach is beyond that back wall of trees.

The edge of this small grassy island is a small cliff that drops down to a popular beach. Normally the water is about 15, maybe 20 feet, lower.

Below, our trail is underwater and gets worse past Zephyr as we walked. This is a very high point on a sand doon, just to the right of this photo. The levee is another 80-100 feet to the left. It hasn’t been that high since 1998. We are expecting more rain this week.

Still, I think it’s all good. We need the water. Upstream, downstream & everywhere in between.

d. xo


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It poured all day today. Winter finally caught up, filled the streets and shed the trees of their very last leaves that were still clinging on from autumn. Crazy weather!

This is the street shot from the park. Cars kept driving through, spraying waves up on our grassy shore. 🙂park-in-rain

Me in plaid goulashes and yellow rain slicker. I love playing in the rain.


So does Zephyr, wading for sticks in the street. I looked both ways first.


Happy winter. Yay. Keep it coming. 🙂

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It’s Saturday and our impending storm is still . . . impending. The clouds are high and dark, chilly, light wind. I’m tickled. The big storm hits tonight. And as I sit here Psycho is playing on TCM. Janet Leigh just got it in the shower. I love it when weather matches a movie. The first time I saw The Shining was a blizzardy, snowy night in Tahoe, piled on the couch w/friends trying to scare the bejesus out of each other.

I walked Zephyr before the storm hit. It was lovely. The neighborhood felt rather empty, muffled of sound. I got coffee, went through the park, traversed neighborhood alleys. Good alleys are disappearing, blocked my security gates to keep out transients. I love a good dirt alley, the backs of old garages, the overflow of unmanicured vines and hedges. It’s a glimpse behind the curtain, how a person keeps their alley passage. One house keeps a secret garden, another grows spiky cactus to keep intruders at bay. The houses that keep immaculate front yards and dumpy alleys are the curious ones. You just know their hiding something.

 I’ll leave you w/this photo I took last week. You don’t see moss for very long here–too dry, too hot. I thought this was lovely, sticking out of an exposed root of a Sycamore tree.

mossy stump

Stay warm, drink hot tea, curl up with a good book or movie, enjoy the weather!


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Squish, squish, squish. That’s the sound from Zephyr and I walking through the park today. It is cold outside. I’d say it’s about as cold as it gets here, w/o snowing, which it doesn’t, well, very rarely.

Still, I needed to get out and walk today, puddles or no puddles. So, I bundled up in a scarf (mine 😉 ), felt hat (not mine), gloves and groovy new thrift store sweater that I had scheduled to become a pillow cover and wrist warmers, but it is sooooo cozy and beautiful, however a tad bit small. It’s the creamiest peach, lightly speckled w/red, turquoise, brown, orange. It could be a free range egg; the speckles, the sheen. I want yards and yards of this yarn! (I would show you but if you’ve been reading (bless you) you know my camera dilemma. (BIG SIGH).


The man collection is moving forward. I hooked a good length of a mocha scarf last night–longer this time–while watching Into the Wild–the story of Christopher McCandless.  (We’ve got a starlet connection w/access to movie previews.)  But I had to stop watching before the end, save the sorrow for daylight hours. The movie is exquisite. Photography, narration, all of it, beautiful. I kept praying for Alexander (Emile Hirsch) to survive, even knowing his end. Adapt or parish–hateful phrase, but seemingly true.

The look of utter loss and confusion he experienced on re-entry to L.A. of all places, and his urgency to escape. His peacefulness only found in wilderness, quite, emptiness. I get that. I am very familiar w/the escapist road trip: jeep, dog, books, tent, road. . . freedom. Yet near his life’s end, he writes “happiness is only real when shared.”


Blessing a swift release to Heath Ledger. I feel rather stunned. What a tragedy. May he hook up w/Christopher M.; a shared, peaceful, wild, freedom.

what a day, dahlila.

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It is drizzling today, the near cousin of fog. I don’t know how people survive in England or Seattle. (No offense. I like those places. I love Seattle, would move there in a heartbeat, except for the drizzle.) I was born for sunny weather, I’m afraid . . . but then not too sunny. Not Los Angeles sunny. I like seasons. And being winter and not snow country, drizzle is what we are having today, so be it.

 And if it weren’t for winter, in any form, I wouldn’t need for scarves and I love them, so hush to me. I made a very Springy little-girl scarf last night. The color says simply Kaleidescope–a swirl of lemon yellow and pastel green. It’s a narrow 3-ply acrylic, nothing fancy, as children are apt to drag scarves along the ground, through the dirt. Mom doesn’t have time for hand wash. Just toss it in the washing with socks and such. Then I made little crochet flowers that hang along the ends instead of fringe. I’d show you, but I’m w/o camera at the moment.

Every time I move to buy a camera, something else swoops in on the funds. This time–as often–it was my jeep, something with the clutch. The mechanic detailed it out for me, but all I heard was the price. Sigh.

And yet, I will not be deterred from tramping out and buying yarn today. I can’t not have yarn. (yes, a double negative. I am w/o coffee too. One really shouldn’t write w/o coffee…)

 All right, shower, coffee, yarn, library. Back later, d.

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