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Sunday’s are nice walking around our park. The grass was deep in dandelions so we walked on the outskirts where the dogs were sure to sniff every single shrub & leaf.

Dogs in the park2

Super pissy squirrel overhead.


Everything is so green! Except for Zephyr in his crossing guard jacket.

Dogs in the park3

Trooper in the azaleas.

Dogs in the park6

Photo op deep in the dandelions.

Sunday walk in the park.

Zephyr is more amiable to a photo op moment. Trooper was too busy hacking up pollen. Poor, low-sweeping dude.

Dogs in the park5

Tulip trees are in full bloom.

Dogs in the park4

Back home just as the wind whipped up & the sky got dark. Could it be we are in for more rain?! Crazy Sacramento weather.

d, xo


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Back from the memorial. The church was filled, FILLED & I was amazed as I don’t even know that many people, yet imagine that I could fill even half a church.

ย It was a full Catholic service, non of which I knew the secret words & signs, and I unconsciously swore, out loud, yet quietly when the priest called the congregation for the eucharist.

I was under-dressed, as I apparently own nothing appropriate for a funeral, though this was a memorial of life, and there were others amongst the black attire with splashes of color, including a bright bow-tie by a gentleman speaker who said J. would have approved. He was a lover of life, after all. Relief. At the calling hour this morning, I decided it was more important to show up than not, even forgoing the dress code.

Many wonderful things were said of this man and I teared up when his granddaughters stoically gave remembrances. (I am my mother’s daughter; we are real weepers). I barely knew this man–an engineer, a pilot, a husband, an adventurer, a softball coach–whose house I have walked by & shared small salutations for 13 years. I am truly awed by his life, his family, his happy marriage of 53 YEARS. How does a mate go on after such a life? What do you do in a big empty house where once was constant chatter?

I must remember to not only wave, but perhaps, stop in now and then, bring more bread, be bold enough to ask how she is doing, when there is no good answer.

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Over 100 degrees again today and Zephyr refused to come indoors near the AC. He spent his day prostrate on the garage concrete floor. Time for a little hose action! Zephyr loves to play in the hose.

Look at that face?ย  A moment of complete happiness. We grab then wherever and whenever we can. โค

d, xo

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What are you doing in the corn, or do I want to know?

Remember: when gardening with pets–dogs, cats, hamsters, bunnies, chickens & ducks too!

Be careful to avoid pesticides and garden chemicals, especially snail bait. Animals will eat ANYTHING–and lick the ground or plants where sprays have landed. These chemicals can be highly toxic and you might not always notice their effects right away.

Play and garden safely with your pets. ๐Ÿ™‚

d and the dogs.

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A quiet moment in the coffee garden.

Zephyr awaiting a crumb to drop on his nose.

Latte, all gone. ๐Ÿ™‚

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We’ve had the craziest winter her in Sacramenot–or lack of it, really. We desperately need rain, but on the other hand it’s been incredibly nice. The temperature shot up over 70 degrees yesterday! And, although a gazillion mosquitos came with it, so did spring. Neighborhood flowers are in full bloom.

One of my favorites, Daphne. You can smell it wafting through the neighborhood, often before you spot it. It’s season is so short, but so very worth it.

I love the gravel alleys in our neighborhood, quiet planted trails between streets. All the clover is in yellow bloom and the flowering tree rains white pedals down like snow.

I recently learned this is a Saucer Magnolia Tree. There are a few in the neighborhood, the most stunning flowering tree I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous.

The large flowers, as big as my hand catch the light. I could stand under this tree all day.

d, xo

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I’ve taken a lot of dog photos lately, mostly of Trooper, our new foundling dog, but Zephyr at the spry age ofย  12 1/2 ย is still my number one guy. I can’t imagine my life without him. xo

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