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 I was so distracted yesterday w/my book I forgot to post my new scarves. Life is balance. I need books like I need coffee. 

 pumpkin mixed scarflette w/blk buttons This is from a batch of my latest. I love this scarflette–and I’m having a tough time not wearing it myself. I haven’t even posted it on Etsy yet. I don’t know who came up w/the “scarflette” term. Was it Vogue or some clever Etsian? I love it though, having never heard it before I opened shop at Etsy. This would have simply been a neck wrap.

 More photo posts to come. It all takes time.  Coffee first. coffee, coffee, coffee. d.

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Good Sunday morning–though it’s nearing noon. Morning is a very foggy area. Morning is whenever I don the tangible world, whenever that is.

I come from a family of staunch morning people–all of the living anyway. My granny was a night owl, like me. She read historical romance novels at night when it was quiet. Everyone else comes from Puritan stock of some sort. The clash of romance and reality. 

 Reality is very jagged and bright. I prefer a dreamier medium, a little softer around the edges. But I haven’t had my coffee yet. If we have this conversation again later, I may have a different story.

Meanwhile, I crocheted two lovely scarflettes last night. One in ivory with a dark gray striped tie in soft wool. (I do love the smell of wool–even wet wool–memoires of wool blankets, snow boots and wet mittens drying on the radiator, wet dogs curled up by the fireplace. Sigh.)

The other scarflette is yesterday’s photo reversed. Avocado w/pumpkin stripe. Very nice.

Today I have to re-tackle the felt cuffs. Will let you know how it goes. Now: shower, bundle warm, Zephyr and I to coffee. Oh! Did I mention that R made me French toast yesterday? He only makes it when I plead. What a doll. Must find new flowers for his sidewalk, purple petunias would be nice. I’ll add that to today’s list.

Bye, d.

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The fog lifted, but has left a hard chill. I’ve abandoned felting–just for today–to crochet several scarflettes. I like how smart they look.

 Pumpkin Scarflette with Avacado Tie

You can actually wear them with urban wear and not feel overly bulky, as w/a scarf. And as I mentioned on Etsy, I hate it when my scarf falls from my shoulder onto the ground or into my coffee.  Dangerously long scarves can haphazardly fall into unwanted places in delicate situations. (Ask any woman who has ever tried to maneuver her body, coat, purse, packages, umbrella or child into a bathroom stall. The answer is in the scarflette. Now back to my crocheting.

Stay warm, d.

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