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Over 100 degrees again today and Zephyr refused to come indoors near the AC. He spent his day prostrate on the garage concrete floor. Time for a little hose action! Zephyr loves to play in the hose.

Look at that face?  A moment of complete happiness. We grab then wherever and whenever we can. ❤

d, xo


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I’ve taken a lot of dog photos lately, mostly of Trooper, our new foundling dog, but Zephyr at the spry age of  12 1/2  is still my number one guy. I can’t imagine my life without him. xo

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Coffee, waffles, chilly bare feet. Small joys.

d xo

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I rarely ever have my camera when I need it. Yesterday, I saw two of these beautiful flaming orange butterflies flittering about each other & I was just stunned.

Today, I saw one of them landing in my butterfly tree just as I was finishing up shooting some photos and I managed to capture this shot on the fly through the branches. What luck!

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Eariler today I posted this on Twitter:

“The next time you pass a vast, open, grassy field, imagine me laying in it, supine, breathing in god; thanks, d. #quietspace”

Later, I got stuck in Friday gridlock driving back to Sacramento from Davis. I saw this field off the freeway just before the causeway and I quickly pulled off the last exit. It seems my asking the universe reminded myself to find my own vast open field. #smalljoys

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Just go a late Friday call from the vet. All the blood drained from my head before she said her first words. Zephyr’s on the fence. She wants to run MORE tests. Be certain about Cushings Disease. Back to the vet on Monday. Blood draw, something injected, wait eight hours, draw blood again. . . just to find out, maybe, where he is.

I suddenly feel like  Zephyr is mirroring my own ailings. The “what the hell is wrong with you?’ ailment. Experimental pin cushions, he and I. We’ll isn’t this just lovely.

Here’s the important thing to know. I will find the money to make certain Zephyr has ALL the vet attention he needs. Where as I . . . can float for a while. As I believe my neorologist will be calling the voodoo witch doctor to perform an exorcism next.

Me and Zephyr 3

Meanwhile, when in doubt, do nothing. . . or do a  little,  but stay close to home. Whatever the small tasks of my everyday life can bring us is just fine, a bit of peace, joy, maybe both. As I really believe in the understated life. I’m big on simple.  So, as soon as it cools down, Zephyr and I are going to the park, even if all we get to do is take a small slow walk and lie in the grass. ❤

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