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It’s Sunday, and the first of day-light-savings-time–which I hate. Nothing like messing with one’s internal time clock to make the whole country grouchy. So, I’m in my pjs at–oh, let’s just not say.

Everyone on Twitter was showing off their delectable brunches, so  I went downstairs and made my own.

You can never go wrong w/fresh brewed coffee and lemon crepes with powdered sugar. My favorite.

d, xo

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We’ve had the craziest winter her in Sacramenot–or lack of it, really. We desperately need rain, but on the other hand it’s been incredibly nice. The temperature shot up over 70 degrees yesterday! And, although a gazillion mosquitos came with it, so did spring. Neighborhood flowers are in full bloom.

One of my favorites, Daphne. You can smell it wafting through the neighborhood, often before you spot it. It’s season is so short, but so very worth it.

I love the gravel alleys in our neighborhood, quiet planted trails between streets. All the clover is in yellow bloom and the flowering tree rains white pedals down like snow.

I recently learned this is a Saucer Magnolia Tree. There are a few in the neighborhood, the most stunning flowering tree I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous.

The large flowers, as big as my hand catch the light. I could stand under this tree all day.

d, xo

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Dad and I met for coffee this morning. It was the first really sunny day in what felt like weeks. I knew he would show in shorts. Do I know my dad or what?

No one takes a sunny day with more happiness than dad. The man lives for summer: mountain hiking , chips, salsa & beer by the pool.  Apparently, he has retired his Birkenstocks, but he’s a beach guy at heart.

Go dad. 🙂

d, xo

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The sun finally peeked through some rolling clouds today. So Zephyr & I zoomed to the river. I got three shots in before my camera died (of course). Still, it’s a beautiful day. My favorite weather: big clouds, chilly with sun.

This area (below) is dry in the summer. It’s a high offshoot of the American River that only fills with big rains. Usually, the beach is beyond that back wall of trees.

The edge of this small grassy island is a small cliff that drops down to a popular beach. Normally the water is about 15, maybe 20 feet, lower.

Below, our trail is underwater and gets worse past Zephyr as we walked. This is a very high point on a sand doon, just to the right of this photo. The levee is another 80-100 feet to the left. It hasn’t been that high since 1998. We are expecting more rain this week.

Still, I think it’s all good. We need the water. Upstream, downstream & everywhere in between.

d. xo

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Every spring I try to get one shot of Zephyr by the “pink popcorn tree.” It could be apple, or almond, even cherry, but it’s gorgeous at its full bloom along the river. This year I was a week too late with the camera. Blooms have blown off in the last storm and leaves have already sprouted forth. Still, I got my shot, a very contemplative look at the ripe age of 11 1/2. He’s actually got his ears pricked up. The coyotes were yapping across the river.

Happy spring,

d xo

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Spring is a peculiar concept in California. We get it in fits and starts from January onward. Some days it’s delightful, others feel like summer will overtake us in a hot flash. I peel down to my skivvies, turn on the fan,  just to turn around and grab a sweater for the chill.

Still, fruit trees and flower bulbs fall for the first hint of spring every year. They push towards the sun, burst from their coddled branches and bloom just before Valentine’s day. They don’t know more storms are brewing up north. They go ahead and do it anyway, bloom!

Maybe, this is good advice. Whatever it is that makes you bloom, do it now. The possible future be damned.

d, xo

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The sun came out today & it actually felt like spring.

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Early planting has brought a bounty to the salad mix. The spinach took off like gangbusters this week and the onions are taking over the lettuce. Onion soup? I can’t wait to eat my first spinach salad from my own garden. And although it is a week from April, tomatoes are already in at the nursery. California does have it’s advantages.



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The sun came out yesterday, but it was breezy, chilly and the most spectacular clouds joined in. It was the perfect weather day.
First, Zephyr & I walked to the cafe for coffee. We stopped to visit Shadow’s tree. It’s getting big; spring buds are showing. The cafe garden is showing signs of spring too. The yarrow & rosemary are  blossoming. Good time to make rosemary bread.  Reminds me of home.
top-of-shadows-tree-clouds1cafe-garden1coffee & paper 

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Okay, I’ve calmed down, a little bit. This photo helped.

Shineun in Spring wristwarmers

This is Shineun. Shineun recently bought these special order wristwarmers from me at Dahlila. It took us awhile to pick the right yarn (nothing itchy) and get the right color, but together we did it. She sent me this photo in return, which is great because I was in such a hurry to make them I forgot to shoot them.

Now, ISN’T SHE THE SWEETEST THING EVER! She looks like a little forest fairy. (That’s way more fun to yell about than smokers; more productive too.)

Thank you for the photo Shineun. It’s simply wonderful!


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