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Sunday’s are nice walking around our park. The grass was deep in dandelions so we walked on the outskirts where the dogs were sure to sniff every single shrub & leaf.

Dogs in the park2

Super pissy squirrel overhead.


Everything is so green! Except for Zephyr in his crossing guard jacket.

Dogs in the park3

Trooper in the azaleas.

Dogs in the park6

Photo op deep in the dandelions.

Sunday walk in the park.

Zephyr is more amiable to a photo op moment. Trooper was too busy hacking up pollen. Poor, low-sweeping dude.

Dogs in the park5

Tulip trees are in full bloom.

Dogs in the park4

Back home just as the wind whipped up & the sky got dark. Could it be we are in for more rain?! Crazy Sacramento weather.

d, xo

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It’s Sunday, and the first of day-light-savings-time–which I hate. Nothing like messing with one’s internal time clock to make the whole country grouchy. So, I’m in my pjs at–oh, let’s just not say.

Everyone on Twitter was showing off their delectable brunches, so  I went downstairs and made my own.

You can never go wrong w/fresh brewed coffee and lemon crepes with powdered sugar. My favorite.

d, xo

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