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The sun came out today & it actually felt like spring.


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Coffee, waffles, chilly bare feet. Small joys.

d xo

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Sacramento has been stuck beneath its famous winter fog for weeks. So, when the sun came out for the whole weekend, we ran outside to meet it.

I have two enormous lavender bushes. They smell wonderful. The bees love them, yet all I want is to be able to see the bird bath from my office window. Last week I picked up some old fashion hedge trimmers at an estate sale. Lavender #1 got a serious hair cut.

 Saturday, I did my annual post-Christmas trip to SMUD (Sacramento Municiple Utility District) where they offer free wood chips to the public. Yard smells of pine trees. 🙂

Weeding around the compost boxes I pulled up a rogue red potato. Yummy.

Refilled the bird bath, a popular watering hole for the local blue jays and chickadees. And now I can watch them from my window. 🙂

I hesitantly trimmed back the Chinese Lanterns. Saved these few flowers for the window sill.


Out at the river, Zephyr couldn’t be happier. At nearly 12 years old, he is still a spry & handsome dude.

Trying to capture the both of us on our own, a tricky photo-op, but we’re both happy to be out in the sun.


Thank you sunshine, d xo

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We’ve  been deep in hazy gray fog for nearly 5 days. This is California; we need a certain amount of sun to survive. I don’t care how cold it gets, but gray, unless knitted into a sweater, is not my color. 

Zephyr and I have walked past this little red mitten, hanging on a tree, for nearly as long as the weather has been gloomy.  It’s like Rudolph’s red nose, a bright red beacon in the fog.


 Sun! Send us sun!

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It’s finally Monday. I almost feel relieved. Long complicated family weekend. Exhausted. But the sun is out! The SUN! (we have not seen it truly out, in a blue sky for many days. . . this is California. We need that.) So no time to chat right now. Zephyr and i both desperately need a long quiet walk, then coffee.

P.S. The gardening dept. at Target is open! I thought it had closed for the winter. And my Target actually has a very nice little gardening area. I go there to breathe, when I’m stuck in that side of the world–the world of traffic and people.

So, the cafe gets new flowers just in times for Valentines Day.  bye, d.

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