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I found the patchwork quilt last week at a yard sale. I thought I’d leave it in the jeep for picnics. Hm…today I found this wicker chair–still pretty sturdy sitting on a corner. In the jeep it went!

wicker chair

Drab lawn chair + yard sale quilt = insta-summer yard chair.

wicker chair2

And quit cozy I might add.

wicker chair3

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When people used to ask what I did for a living, it was easy to say “editor” or “teacher.” These simple one word answers gave a stranger a pre-concocted image that triggered “good job” in his/her brain.  It always elicited a satisfactory reaction.

Now I work in vintage. I sell vintage home decor and fashion accessories. It always needs explaining. It always feels like pulling teeth to get that satisfactory nod. Today I was wishing I was back in editing.

A woman at the dog park struck up a conversation, asked me what I did, so I told her. 

“Vintage…” she said, muddling it over.

“Yes, vintage–home decor, fashion accessories–scarves, shoes, luggage, purses.”

“Oh…vintage. Okay.”

I told her it was all on-line. Another frown.

So, I told her about the fabulous pink typewriter I just sold, how wonderful it was, how excited the new owner was to get it. How happy it made me. 

This woman had a smart phone, so I showed her the typewriter, and my shop.

She scrolled around and pointed to a Vera scarf. “So…you only have ONE of this?”

“Yes,” I said. “It’s vintage. I only have one of that scarf. But I have other scarfs.”

“But only one of this one?”

“Yep,” I said.  “just one…” (I breathed in deeply and smiled. I’m not Nordstrom, lady.)

She continued looking. “The only things I like are sold,” she said. “Do you have anything else?”

“I have other sections,” I showed her. “Vintage shoes–and shoes for men too. Purses and suitcases…”

“It doesn’t look very old. How can it be vintage?” she asked, frowning.

“Well, oddly, on this site, Etsy, vintage is only twenty years old, so the 80s are now vintage.” I smiled and laughed a bit. “But if you’re young and weren’t around in the 80s it’s fun and new to you.”

“the 80s? So all your stuff is…USED? It looks so new…”

If she hadn’t looked so utterly confused when she said this, I would have thought it was a backhanded compliment. Obviously, she didn’t get it. Or, I didn’t get how to explain this better. All in all, I wanted to leave. Or for her to leave. This chit-chat with people stuff is tricky business.  

I’ve got to come up with a better answer, one that won’t cause so many questions or confusion, one that will get rid of that frown, stop anyone dead and leave them with a mild smile, a sense of satisfaction that I answered correctly, no explaining necessary.

If you find out what that is please, let me know. Meanwhile, I’ll be hanging out with Zephyr. The dog doesn’t care what I do or how I do it. The only thing he wants to know is, when is dinner?


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A quiet, lazy day on the couch watching TCM, sipping a cafe au lait in my favorite cup & playing with the camera. 🙂

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Isn’t this lovely? It’s a “journal jar.” inside each is a batch of 100 journaling  ideas. This is my favorite and she has 5 others! Get over there and buy one. They’re so beautiful. Thank you InspirationMemories !

Sweet Sue, 1900s  inspired journal jar

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When I need a little treat I like to wander through this shop and sigh. It’s like a little slice of French heaven.

Le Petite Paris, Sacramento

And now it’s a cafe too.
I love this.

Silvery glitter decor. Fun.


Fabulous vintage

They have great cappuccinos and stacks of French magazines. Sometimes you’ll even hear customers speaking French. I think we need to have a milonga here–wine, brie, truffles and tango. What’s not to love. d.

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We are even deeper in fog today, think “Hounds of the Baskerville.” A good day to stay inside and work, but I took a very long, much needed walk and had coffee. Zephyr had to stay home, as he is still limping, which is torture on both of us. We both live for a good long walk. It’s our simplest most calming, therapeutic, head clearing moments of any given day. Still, he has to heal and I have to be the heavy about it.

Etsy business is slow, but I trudge ahead. It’s hard to think creatively in a gloom. Creativity needs space and an open mind. Still, I have gotten some incredibly kind feedbacks and there is nothing more assuring than a happy customer. So, I’m off to post in both shops, Dahlila and DahliaFound.

Here is a sneak peek at some upcycled cards I made last night. The pages are from a 1958 Harlequin Romance Novel: seductive Christmas calling cards. 😉


Have a warm Saturday, d.

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I’m so tired I can barely think to write. Pithy is completly lost on me at this moment so I’ll just share some autumn items I’ve got posted at DahlilaFound. It’s leaf kicking season, so here are the boots for the job.

Have a nice weekend, d.

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The Etsy Vintage Street Team Sale is underway and my cute little black Mary Janes made the treasury. Now bring on the sales! http://dahlilafound.etsy.com.

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Today is a big sale day for us vintage sellers over at Etsy, a “$12 and under sale”. We’ve been up very late marking down our prices and updating our titles–a long a tedious process, but I’m ready: http://dahlilafound.etsy.com.

 *  *  *

And just as I was getting to sleep last night Zephyr went nuts at the back door, clawing and barking (neighbors must have loved that) so I scrambled downstairs, half in my robe, bumping the coffee table on my way through the living room to find a big ‘ol raccoon in the backyard trying to get to my compost pile. Sneaky little bugger. I watched him watching me for a while and then herded a much excited Zephyr back inside and upstairs.

All the little critters of the night coming out to play in the big city while all the humans are asleep. . .

I love it, d.

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I just wrote an insanely long e-mail to a friend just to have it vanish when I nicked the wrong key. Vent, vent, vent. And you can’t just reproduce great wording and thought in an instant. It’s like getting interrupted mid story by the phone or some loud schlock in a restaurant. It kills the mood of the moment.

So, I’ve come here for a different subject, different slant, to regroup. Yet my enthusiasm has waned and my coffee is kicking me into go-mode. Must get up and move, move, move.

Besides, I STILL have not resolved the evil parking ticket and I believe today is the last day to do so, w/o the price going up three-fold.

So I will leave, but I will leave you with pictures.

These are the two scarflettes I just mailed off to Norway where I assume it is still cold, unlike here where it has just cooled to about 90 degrees today. Lots of fun.

 Have a nice Monday, d.

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