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 3 weeks ago my old washing machine kicked the bucket. It stopped spinning mid rinse cycle, smoked, squelched and died. R.I.P Kenmore 70 Deluxe. You did us proud. 


Meanwhile, I have pulled out clothes I haven’t worn in forever, foraged through the bottom of drawers, beneath the clothes I never wear,  attempted to dress myself without visiting a laundromat. It’s truly amazing just how many clothes I have that I hate. Clothes I would never wear. What was I thinking? Who would wear THIS? And yet, there they are. 

I was on my last pair of favored skivies 2 days ago–and for the record I’d like to say JUST HOW MUCH I HATE a lacy thong, but I digress. I needed a new washer, like, 2 days ago. 

Four phone calls to the building manager, 4 different messages “left with the secretary” and one final “bat phone” call to the landlord later, and FINALLY I have a new washing machine (!)  


It’s big, very white and makes an entirely new set of sounds, so many little quirks to adjust to, somewhat like adopting a new dog, or boyfriend. Yet, here it is, swirling it’s very first load of undies as we speak. 

 Welcome new Maytag, Quiet Plus. You have big whirling shoes to fill. Do us proud.


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