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I’ve been verging on an existential melt down, but not for the reasons one might think–you know, global warming, Earth Day, “An Inconvenient Truth,” Darfur–no mine has to do with completion and information.

Let me explain, along with running a new internet shop (dahlilafound.etsy.com–shameless ad plug) I’ve also added more stress, or, I’ve allowed myself to get stressed out AGAIN for the most ridiculous of reasons. Truthfully, give me a lollipop and I will find a reason to stress; choking hazard is the first thing that comes to mind, but I digress. . . . 

Completion! Ah, yes. There is no end to the STUFF I need to find, fix, create, photograph, bio and post. NO END IN SIGHT! And that freaks me out like you have no idea. It really messes with my need for order–create, complete, feel sense of doneness, deep breathing, rest, move on. Right now there is no breathing or rest, at least not without happy pills.

Then there is Information. Example, I find a great Deco tie, but I need to know all about it when I’m posting. (Does anyone really cares about this, but me and a few library geeks?) I was on-line last night for over two hours searching copyright dates on a box of Crown Checkers and a Swingline CUB stapler.

Swingline StaplerCrown Checkers

There have been, and will be, more: The Grand Funk Railroad red album has the original gold label.  I know this because two nights ago I researched vinyl forever.  Do you see any records on Dahlila Found yet? No. And what about the cool opera shoes, the signed oil painting, the porcelain dishes? THERE IS NO END TO THE MADNESS! Okay, that was slightly overemphasised, but do you see my problem? (OCD is the not the answer I’m looking for, although yes, probably, maybe, a little. )

Now, if you will excuse me I have to go crochet something for Dahlila.etsy.com. Crocheting is said to relax the nerves.


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