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I haven’t posted a “Found” in a while. This is one of my truly favorites. I actually found this on top of a pile on neighborhood junk day.

Oriental Carpet

It was probably cleaner then than it is now–dog fur and all. I took it home scrubbed the bejesus out of it with liquid dish soap and a scrub brush, hosed it off and hung it to dry.

Oriental rug

It’s 28″ x 46″ hand woven wool. Simply beautiful. You just really never know what you’re going to find.

Cheers, d.

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Good Sunday morning–though it’s nearing noon. Morning is a very foggy area. Morning is whenever I don the tangible world, whenever that is.

I come from a family of staunch morning people–all of the living anyway. My granny was a night owl, like me. She read historical romance novels at night when it was quiet. Everyone else comes from Puritan stock of some sort. The clash of romance and reality. 

 Reality is very jagged and bright. I prefer a dreamier medium, a little softer around the edges. But I haven’t had my coffee yet. If we have this conversation again later, I may have a different story.

Meanwhile, I crocheted two lovely scarflettes last night. One in ivory with a dark gray striped tie in soft wool. (I do love the smell of wool–even wet wool–memoires of wool blankets, snow boots and wet mittens drying on the radiator, wet dogs curled up by the fireplace. Sigh.)

The other scarflette is yesterday’s photo reversed. Avocado w/pumpkin stripe. Very nice.

Today I have to re-tackle the felt cuffs. Will let you know how it goes. Now: shower, bundle warm, Zephyr and I to coffee. Oh! Did I mention that R made me French toast yesterday? He only makes it when I plead. What a doll. Must find new flowers for his sidewalk, purple petunias would be nice. I’ll add that to today’s list.

Bye, d.

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As a writer I am a pesky editor. I am constantly going back and rewording items that most won’t even read. Plus, now that I’ve admitted I’m a writer, YOU are now searching for errors, aren’t you? Please don’t. You will surely find some. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not perfect–even when I really, really want to be. 😉

I have just been scrambling to fluff my Etsy shop, make it more alluring. It’s hard to do. EVERYTHING is on the photos. I’ve reshot some and am now waiting for the fog to lift so I can shoot more.

I’ve been terribly productive making scarves and experimenting w/scarflettes, chokers, beads and buttons. Today a batch of felting is going for a hot bath and I am very excited to see the results. Felting is such fun.

I also went thrifting yesterday and found some wonderful sweaters. One to wear; one to revamp. A beautiful dark blue with light blue and white Swedish edging will make a great pillow cover. The arms will be wrist warmers–for Etsy or myself. I can’t decide. Sometimes selling is hard, since I design everything to be loved by ME.

Fog or not, I’m off to cafe for coffee and soup. Friday is clam chowder day w/baguette. R has been happy–his girlfriend? Yes or no? Who knows. Am tempting him to purchase fuchsia scarf for his darling daughter.

Postal arrival! Real mail from my dearest friend, T. It has squirrel stickers and a bumble bee. T sends lovely letters and cards.  Very happy. Coffee AND letter.


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Although most of my shop is about buttons, i do love yarn. And I love to crochet, especially in winter while watching old movies. (Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, Barbara Stanwick–you get the idea.) Hot tea is always good too. Home baked muffins always a plus. It just depends on how ambitious I’m feeling. Today, not so much. But chocolate cookies are simple enough. Tea and cookies. 😉

 Back to yarn, I’ve found a wonderful light avocado wool that I’m stirring into cuffs and wrist warmers–a winter necessity. One can never be to warm in January. Zephyr agrees. (Zephyr is my dog–large, found, loving, protective, curled upon my feet. He has the run of our small nest and claims all furniture as his first, I can share if I squeeze or trade for food.) I’m going to add a collection of wrist warmers and scarflettes on Etsy soon. So if you’re feeling chilly please keep in touch.

More later, i need more tea please. dahlila.

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