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The weekend is gone. Our storm was a real bust; not even note worthy. Even the weather announcer apologized for the storm warning. What a disappointment.

Meanwhile, I had a lovely bit of luck yesterday. Over coffee and crocheting I spied this darling young woman having lunch w/her grandmother and I bravely asked if she wouldn’t mind modeling the wrist warmers for me. She agreed! (You have to understand that was so unlike me. If you’ve been reading at all, you know I mostly avoid people, but I’m trying to be a little less me–AND a little more me–depending on the circumstance. Anyway, her pictures turned out lovely. I am so very pleased. Different people, different stories, everyday models. I like it!

This is LaPorscha in her darling hat and wrist warmers:

Tangerine Wrist Warmers

So, today I’m busy with bills (yuck), but would prefer to have heat and hot water, rather than not. Did take Zephyr out to the river, had a nice quiet walk, although not terribly far. Still recouping. Now, hot tea, hot bath, dinner, couch snuggling.

Goodnight, d.

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My dad left me this e-mail this morning:

 “Leaving Creole soup in your car this morning. . . Whopper Headed Our Way. ‘Big storm is expected to bring heavy rain and strong winds this weekend.  The NWS has issued a High Wind Watch w/winds gust in excess of 40 mph. . . it might be enough to bring down trees and cause power outages. ‘ “

It made me so happy.

Meanwhile, the sun poked out. I grabbed Cole at the cafe and shot two more wrist warmers. The girls were whining about their nails, dates, headaches, etc, etc. so I have no knew girl warmers to post. I shot this one on my own hand, but my own nails, yuck.  😉

Burgandy wrist warmers

 Actually, these are very pretty. Very tangonista worthy.

Okay, I have yarn to work. Plus, it’s the season finale of Monk. Goodnight, d.

P.S. I am eating possibly the best crackers I have ever tasted: Trader Joes, all natural, lowfat, Wisecrackers in roasted garlic and rosemary. They’re so yummy. I love it when I find new food. It’s the small things . . . . 

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Sorry I missed yesterday. But really, how exciting am I lately? I’ve gotten a lot of crocheting done this last week, considering. Now all I need are models to shoot them on. I could do w/o but it just looks so much better on humans. Humans, however, are fickle and moody and have their own personal schedules. (I’m thinking of my cafe models. One just acquired a boyfriend and he’s deliriously unavailable and smug about it. The other just broke up with his girlfriend and is rather moody. The women just whine about their hands and nails against the wrist warmers. Sigh.)

It is raining though. 🙂 Now if the wind would pick up and throw a little lightening our way, I’d be peachy pleased.

Sorry. . .  I got waylaid. I went to get a Kleenex and curled up with Zephyr for a mini nap. Warm fur is just too inviting. Now, shower and coffee.

bye, d.

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I curled up in front of the tv this morning and found a marathon “Mythbusters” on Discovery. I’ve never seen it before, but I love it. Debunking myths and a lot of scientific nerd play. Stuff blew up–lots of stuff. It kept me amused. Did you know that you really can fail a drug test by eating as little as two poppyseed bagels. Yikes! Luckly I hate poppyseeds. They get stuck in my teeth.

The flu lingers. . . a repeat of yesterday: hot chai, sitting in the park, crocheting. I’ve got almost 4 more sets of wrist warmers, although one might be two big. They’re mens’ warmers, but they just seem huge. Will see.

Two mens’ scarves as well in chocolate and charcoal tweed, seperately. I’m not a big fan of stripes, plus it doesn’t always look clean in crochet.

I sold this scarflette today. Sale #3 and she left me a good feedback. very happy about that.Ivory scarflette w/charcoal tie


Okay, I need soup and more tea and the couch. Goodnight, d.

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This is fun. . . a gut wrenching cough tha sounds like smoker’s hack. I feel worse today than yesterday. Still, I managed to go out, get coffee and soup. The soup lured me out more than anything. Tues. is Manhattan clam chowder at the cafe, served w/a  huge wedge of lemon. Just plug me in and let it drip.

The sun is out still. It’s actually hot. 60-something degrees. It feels silly crocheting wrist warmers when people are walking about in shorts. Where is my winter? The flu deserves a good blizzard. The flu is not sunny.

My father showed up at the cafe, R came out to chat and I just wanted everyone to go away. Conversing was just painful. I finally shooed them both off. Let me just be, slurp my soup, sip my coffee and crochet. Easy, no thought, quiet.

I made these yesterday:

Olive wrist warmers

Carwin says they’re too girly. He’d wear them, but he doesn’t think a straight man would. The right color, the wrong style. I don’t know. What do you think?

So, today I’m making these:

Taupe wrist warmers

These are wider and have a military look to them. There’s a name for what I’m thinking of, but I’ll be damned if I can find it today. Sigh. Anyway, I love the color, taupe, it says. Taupe sounds bland and staunchy. The dictionary calls it “gray-brown,” but that’s not right either. It really has a chocolate milk feel. . . coffee w/two creams. . . tomato, tomato. What do you think?

* I did the dishes. Installation piece #84 has been dismantled*

Now,  if you’ll excuse me, I need to go cough up a lung. . .  


P.S. Will accept donations of homemade soup, Kleenex (white only) and cough drops (lemon over cherry).

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Very, very tired. Tomorrow is a big day for Dahlila at Etsy. My Valentine’s Showcase day! I’ve been a busy bee preparing for this, so I hope to make some more sales. (I made another today. That’s two!) I’m hoping my little red Love Pouches will make a splash. They were so much fun to make. Creating crazy ideas is more than half the fun.

I’ve even revamped Dahlila some. New section titles, a newer banner (still not right, but at least it’s not fuzzy anymore.) And new photos coming soon. Plus, I posted the buttery yellow wrist warmers. Cute and cozy.

Now, my eyes are drooping–and it’s not even 10pm! Zephyr is asleep, so I get the couch all to myself for a while.

Goodnight! d.  

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